The KAOS Brief Flies Out With a New Trailer

Camping in the woods is never a good thing, as illustrated in the upcoming Blair Witch (review), and now a new flick called The KAOS Brief demonstrates that fact even further!

In The KAOS Brief a secretive hacktivist group finds film footage in which several campers may have encountered UFOs and aliens in the woods. Or was it all a conspiracy? Take a look at the new trailer.

From the Press Release:
In The KAOS Brief, hacked footage downloaded by a secretive group called KAOS, which was filmed by four high school seniors — aspiring vlogger Skylar; his twin sister, Dakota; and their boyfriends, Corey and Tren — reveals their terrifying ordeal after witnessing mysterious lights in the sky on a camping trip. Even after they return to their quiet suburban home, the teenagers are plagued by strange and unnerving events that can only be explained as being tied to Skylar’s posting of their camping footage to his video channel. Tensions rise as they struggle to figure out what is happening and how to escape their seemingly all-knowing predators as the movie races to its climactic and shocking end.

The KAOS Brief stars Drew Lipson (Murder Among Friends), who, though probably familiar for his extensive commercial work, caused quite a stir appearing in the recent Giorgio Moroder video featuring Sia, “Déjà Vu.” Charlie Morgan Patton (Alongside Night) gives a tough, yet vulnerable performance as his twin sister, Dakota. Rounding out the cast as the twins’ respective boyfriends are Marco DelVecchio (Crazy Lake, Snapped: Killer Couples) and Akanimo Eyo (Isle of the Dead).

Director JP Mandarino has always been obsessed with UFOs and the notion of being visited by aliens. “As a kid my favorite movies were E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Last Starfighter, and of course, Aliens.” He also wondered if aliens were already here, does the government know, how is that information controlled, and if we are being experimented on, abducted, etc. “I love a good conspiracy theory of course! The KAOS Brief is my first foray into the debate.”

Produced by Edward Singletary, Jr., Randall Walk, and JP Mandarino, The KAOS Brief is released by Flying Monkey Media.

For more details, follow The KAOS Brief on Twitter at @kaosbrief, on Instagram at @thekaosbrief, and on Facebook at

kaosbrief - The KAOS Brief Flies Out With a New Trailer

Written by Jon Condit

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