Exclusive Downhill Video Will Bug the Hell Out of You


Fresh out of London’s Horror Channel FrightFest, writer-director Patricio Valladares’ satanic cycling shocker Downhill (review) just keeps pedalling on with an impending screening at this year’s Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in October.

Described as “Cliffhanger meets Paranormal Activity” and “Deliverance meets Breakdown,” the experimental horror/thriller, co-written by Valladares and his regular collaborator Barry Keating (Killer Mermaid), follows biking star Joe (Bryce Draper), who hesitantly agrees to get back on his bike for the first time after his best friend dies in a freak racing accident. Whilst on a leisurely test run with his girlfriend, Stephanie (Natalie Burn), they stumble across an injured man with very visible symptoms of a mysterious virus. Things spiral downhill from there on as the couple find themselves being hunted by a group of ruthless killers dead set on keeping their sordid secret in them there mountains.

Ahead of the October screening at Sitges and the UK home release of the film via Matchbox Films this October 10, Dread brings you an exclusive clip showcasing all kinds of gruesome galore audiences are in for.




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