Excessive Media Consumption Reaches Horrific Proportions in Netflix & Chill


What better way to end the day than with a movie on Netflix? Yup, we all love to “Netflix and chill,” so to speak. And now we’ve even got a short horror comedy based around the subject.

Netflix & Chill comes from director Michael Middelkoop, and you can give it some cash here.

From the Press Release:
Umami Media and Cinecrowd proudly announce NETFLIX & CHILL, a short horror comedy about a date night on a couch that takes a turn for the worse. Officially defined as internet slang for inviting someone over for sexual purposes, the popular internet meme and hashtag “Netflix & Chill” now takes a leap to the big screen.

NETFLIX & CHILL is written by Michael Middelkoop, who will also direct. The film is produced by Umami Media. Production is set for spring 2017. Currently the film is finalizing its production budget through crowdfunding before making rounds in the festival circuit.

Director Middelkoop has clear ambitions: “With Netflix & Chill I hope to deliver an absurd horror comedy that makes a bit of fun of our excessive media consumption. Also, there should be enough gore to make both John Carpenter and Wes Craven proud.”

To stay up-to-date on NETFLIX & CHILL or to support the crowdfunding campaign, visit netflixandchillfilm.com.

After months of flirting and texting, a young guy finally gets the message he’s been waiting for: The girl of his dreams invites him over. Her parents are gone for the weekend, and she’s down for a good film on Netflix. As the night progresses, one guy hoping to get lucky finds out that luck is having a day off.

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