Jeff Katz Talks Planned Sleepaway Camp Reboot

Back in 2013 it was announced that former New Line exec Jeff Katz was intent on remaking slasher classic Sleepaway Camp, with plans to produce alongside star Felissa Rose and Robert Hiltzik, writer/director of the original film. What’s the latest on that project? We’ve got an exciting update today!

Speaking with The Movie Crypt, Katz just revealed that his take on Sleepaway Camp is actually a sequel to the original, rather than a remake of it. The film will pick up in the present day and find Angela locked away in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. Of course, she eventually escapes, seeking refuge at Camp Arawak.

The plan is for Felissa Rose to reprise the iconic role.

You resolve her character while setting up the events of the new movie, which are tied directly to her and in a way which allows you to honor the original but spin off in an entirely new direction,” described Katz, suggesting that the film would serve as both a direct sequel and a fresh new reboot.

Katz says that production will begin as soon as a deal is made.

sleepaway camp angela - Jeff Katz Talks Planned Sleepaway Camp Reboot