ScareLA 2016: Exclusive Chat with Elivira Herself – Cassandra Peterson

Halloween in August? Yep, sign us up. And Cassandra Peterson in all her Elvira glory? We are so there! The Mistress of the Dark will be venturing into the sun and fun for two scare-soaked days in Los Angeles at what is fast becoming the most beloved convention on the scene.

ScareLA offers over 100 hours of special presentations, celebrity panels, costume contests, and exclusive performances and over 50 interactive experiences, performances, and onsite haunt attractions; plus over 200 curated vendors, 2 days of classes, demos and workshops, costume party, cosplay, and contests attractions will round off your kick-off to Halloween.

We had a chance to catch up with the hostess with the mostest, and here’s what she had to say:

Dread Central: How did you get connected with the folks at ScareLA, and is this your first time working with them?

Cassandra Peterson: Yes, it is my first time working with them. I was actually introduced to them last year via Knott Scary Farm, where I was doing the show last year. They announced the haunt at ScareLA, and I came along and appeared on the panel; I had no idea ScareLA was so awesome! When I saw it, I was like, “I’ve got to get myself involved with these people. This is fantastic!”

elvira - ScareLA 2016: Exclusive Chat with Elivira Herself - Cassandra Peterson

DC: What is it about it that makes it awesome? What separates it from, say, Knott Scary Farm or Universal or some of those…? There are so many now.

CP: Well, it’s completely different. I mean, it’s a convention and it’s full of… vendors and craftspeople, performers and haunted themes… with ideas for theme parks or for your haunted house or for your Halloween party. It’s bringing all these different elements together that are all involved with home-base and haunted theme parks…  with the artists to create them. Teaching you different things, showing you special effects, special makeup. Oh my God, just everything, anything you would want for Halloween at your house or your party or your venue. They all kind of come together… yeah, this place rocks. I looked around forever, but I was having a hard time walking around because people knew who I was.

DC: Yes, that’s a tough one for you in that crowd. Well, there’s masks; you could have bought a mask there.

CP: I know, I know, but believe me… this year I’ll be going as Elvira so that won’t be quite as easy! I will be appearing as the spokesperson for the whole event. They are using me in the advertising and doing interviews like this one. So that I’m able to talk about it and they have kind of an icon teaming up with the event itself. And I’ll be taking photos with fans, I’ll be autographing things with fans and meeting them and doing panels and all kinds of things following that. But generally I’m just the face of the venue.

DC: And, yes, other body parts…

CP: The face and other body parts. [laughing]

DC: You talked about some of the artisans and vendors and some of the cool merch that people can get there, but also, you yourself have Kreepsville and your Sweet chocolates and stuff like that.

cassandra peterson - ScareLA 2016: Exclusive Chat with Elivira Herself - Cassandra Peterson

CP: Yes, that will definitely be there. The Kreepsville dresses and merchandise that they make; you know, T-shirts and purses and pens… you name it! They have a ton of stuff. And I’m going to be pitching my new book, which is coming out October 5th.  Since this is my 35th year being Elvira, we just this past year put together a book that is a… I call it a “coffin table book,” but it’s actually a coffee table book with about 350 pictures of Elvira from the very beginning of my career until the present day. I’m really super excited about that coming out this October, so we will be talking about that and having it there so that people can take a look at it… It’s not done yet.

DC: What is it called?

CP: It’s called Elvira Mistress of the Dark.

DC: That’s to the point! Will you be writing your memoirs someday? I remember interviewing you years ago, and you talked about working with Fellini and just all kinds of stuff most people probably don’t associate you with.

CP: Well, that is my next project. I have been working on it for a long, long time. Putting this coffee table book all together was hard work, but it was a lot easier than that autobiography. But I’m still working on it. It’s still going to be coming out one of these days, I hope, if I ever get to finish it. I just keep adding to it; it’s going to be as long as the Bible. And getting the time to sit down and write a book has been my problem so far. I still work a lot as the character. But that will be coming out… I had a pretty interesting life before Elvira even came along.

DC: One last thing on ScareLA… is it actually scary?

CP: Yes. But it’s really good for all ages. There are scary things there that kids don’t go into or need to go into or want to go into, but it’s definitely a family thing so it’s good for any age of people. They can get more info at and also check out for all the details on… everything!

scare la 2 - ScareLA 2016: Exclusive Chat with Elivira Herself - Cassandra Peterson

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