The UK Has its Darkest Day


Man, the filmmaking cats over in the UK are really obsessed with the premise of a virus wiping out the human race leaving survivors to fend for themselves in a dangerous new world. There have been several films and even a BBC TV show dealing with the premise. Now an indie filmmaker is looking to try his own hand at dealing out this special brand of terror.

Dan Rickard’s Darkest Day is the latest independent action/adventure/zombie feature film shot in Brighton (UK) by BrightHelm Films, and you can dig on your first look at it after the break.

Dan wakes up on a beach with no memory. He discovers an evacuated city ravaged by a deadly virus, completely deserted apart from a small group of survivors who give him shelter. It soon becomes clear that the Army is trying to hunt him down and his new friends are now in danger. Forced to evacuate the safety of their home, they embark on an extremely dangerous journey to escape the city.

Watch the trailer and dig on some early art below.

Darkest Day feature film trailer from City 17 Productions on Vimeo.

The UK Has its Darkest Day

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