Tom Sizemore to Play Lobotomy Inventor Walter Jackson Freeman in The Incurables


Word that Golden Globe-nominated actor Tom Sizemore will star as Walter Jackson Freeman, the doctor who created the lobotomy, arrived in our inbox; and of course we had to share the news! The new film is based on the book The Incurables by Jon Bassoff, and Sizemore will also produce.

A lobotomy is the barbaric process of severing the connection between the frontal lobe and the rest of the brain, which often left victims more or less braindead for the remainder of their lives. If you’ve read or watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, then you know just how awful the procedure truly was. One of the most infamous methods of lobotomy involved inserting an ice pick or similar instrument through victims’ eye sockets and twisting it around until it scrambled their brains. Did I mention that doctors are actually supposed to try to help their patients?

Freeman personally performed 3,439 lobotomies throughout his life, including several on children. So yeah, the guy was clearly a sadist who was far more sick in the head than any of his victims. Have a look at him performing a lobotomy below, and prepare to be repulsed.

Bassoff’s book was adapted by Jean-Marie Sobeck and Jack Reher. Described as a “dark psycho-noir novel of horror,” it was featured on the New Yorker‘s “Heat Index.”


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