Exclusive First Look at Jared Cohn’s Drowned

A new film entitled Drowned is being released later this year, and while we wait for more details on when we’ll be able to see it, today we have some exclusive stills to share.

Randy Wayne (the upcoming Hellraiser: Judgment, TV’s “The Lying Game”), Demetrius Stear (Buddy Hutchins), and Sara Malakul Lane (Kickboxer: Vengeance) star in the chilling new film from Little Dead Rotting Hood duo Jared Cohn (writer/director) and Gabriel Campisi (executive producer).

Campisi says of the film: “Much like the news of our day, Drowned isn’t really a nice story. It follows the life of a twisted young man who was sexually abused as a child and grows up to be a serial killer of beautiful young ladies as a consequence of that trauma. While the subject might be controversial, it nonetheless reflects a very real and dark part of the world around us. A big portion of the storyline also alludes to our society’s preoccupation with social media and pop culture.”

The movie is a Traplight Pictures production, and as mentioned above, we’ll have more soon so stay tuned!

NashCarter - Exclusive First Look at Jared Cohn's Drowned

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