Ghost Theory Haunting Kickstarter Again


Some time ago we bought you news of the  game Ghost Theory, which has you exploring real-life haunted locations, and naturally, it looked scary as shit. It was raising funds on Kickstarter, but sadly the campaign was not getting the contributions that it needed and was cancelled shortly before its deadline.

But try, try again, eh? Developer Dreadlocks have gone ahead and launched another Kickstarter campaign, and this time they’re only asking for £50,000, half of their original asking price. So far, it’s doing a hell of a lot better than the first, so it seems like we will be seeing the game after all.

Intrigued by your supernatural talent of clairvoyance, a struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you a front-field operative in paranormal investigations. Using a wide range of ghost hunting gadgets and abilities you will conduct missions to investigate real haunted sites, collect samples and gather evidence.

Each mission is an open-ended haunted ground – a playable sandbox with its own story waiting to be unearthed. The university is your home base, where your work will be evaluated, your results assessed and where you will be briefed for your next mission.

Even though this is a horror game, don’t expect ghosts to be jumping out at you from the darkness for no reason. In fact, most of them won’t respond to your mere presence at all. Unless you make them. It is your task to find out how, if you hope to meet your objectives.

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