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Tragedy at Paris Disneyland Haunted House Attraction

For many years Disney theme parks have had a reputation for being haunted by tragedies that have occurred there. Chalk another one up to add to the lore.

According to Le Parisien, a 45-year-old maintenance worker was found dead Saturday morning, April 2nd, a victim of electrocution in the Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris theme park.

The maintenance worker, from Paris Disneyland Park located in Chessy (Seine-et-Marne), was working on a faulty light fixture in the haunted house attraction when he was exposed to a lethal shock. The Phantom Manor, one of the park’s most popular rides, features ghouls, eerie sounds, and a ghost bride that follows visitors around as they board the “doombuggy” inside.

The electrician was found unconscious by his colleagues on Saturday morning. According to preliminary results of the ongoing investigation, the cause of his death is listed as accidental. The 45-year-old father had worked in the amusement park since 2002. The attraction was then closed all day.

disney paris - Tragedy at Paris Disneyland Haunted House Attraction

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