Frightfest Presents Talk Emelie and more; UK Poster Revealed

Emelie Alternate Poster

Director Michael Thelin’s babysitter from hell, Emelie, comes to visit on UK VOD this March 14 (with the DVD release to follow on April 4) and to prepare for her arrival we have a look at the UK artwork alongside a bunch of video exclusives with the Frightfest guys, discussing the films they’ve taken under their wing as part of the “Frightfest Presents” label. Lock up your kids!

Emelie (review) stars Sarah Bolger, Chris Beetem, Sarah Poufar and Joshua Rush, and you can catch the Frightfest guys talking about it and their other “Frightfest Presents” releases in the exclusive videos below.

The Lesson, Last Girl Standing, Curtain and Landmine Goes Click are all available on Digital HD and VOD now. Emelie and The Unfolding will be available from Monday 14th March. You can get full info on each title, alongside their various VOD outlets, at the Frightfest Presents website.

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[vimeo 157278611]

[vimeo 157279055]

[vimeo 158163145]

[vimeo 158163476]

[vimeo 158165655]

Emelie Synopsis:
The Thompsons, a loving family living in a peaceful suburb are the very definition of wholesome normalcy. But on the eve of their thirteenth wedding anniversary their usual babysitter has to cancel, leaving Dan and Joyce to call upon a new girl who seems like a dream come true to their three children: Christopher, Sally and Jacob. As the night creeps on, the kids slowly realize something is very wrong and this woman is not who she claims to be. Jacob, the eldest, must grow up quickly if he wants to save his siblings from the sinister intentions of Emelie, the disturbed woman masquerading as their babysitter.

Emelie DVD 2D 722x1024 - Frightfest Presents Talk Emelie and more; UK Poster Revealed

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