10 of Our Favorite Sexy Badass Female Horror Characters


It takes a special “something” to make a good female horror character. She has to be a strong and terrifying protagonist without losing those elements that make her  inherently female. Most of these ladies would happily rip out your organs, but they are so epic that it would be a pleasure.

Possibly my first movie crush, Sil is a beautiful innocent alien created by scientists from a human ovum and alien DNA. Driven by a core instinct, Sil spends most of the film franchise in a super-sexualized state, hunting down human males to impregnate her. Her alien form is right out of the imagination of the late H.R Giger, so it has all kinds of Xenomorph design references topped off by some of the largest metallic nipples to ever grace the screen.

Film: Species
Monster type: Alien.
Kill method: Impale you with her tongue, which is covered in sharp barbs.
Chances of survival if you met her: Low. If you are a man, she will likely want to have sex with you before she kills you, so I guess there is an upside to it.

sil - 10 of Our Favorite Sexy Badass Female Horror Characters

Dark Nurses
There are lots of different Silent Hill nurses, from bubble heads to puppets, but for this post we are looking at the dark nurses from the Silent Hill movies. These creatures are faceless and twisted, walking with creepy, jerky movements and always carrying a weapon with which to slash or stab at an unsuspecting victim. They are twisted visions from the mind of young Alessa Gillespie and born out of her hospitalization. They are very sexualized, wearing short skirts and low-cut, tight-fitting nurse uniforms that leave their breasts exposed.

Film: Silent Hill
Monster type: Alessa Gillespie’s twisted view of her own nurse, Lisa Garland.
Kill method: Attacking with pipe, knife, scalpel, gun, and/or syringe.
Chances of survival if you met them: Low.

silent hill nurse - 10 of Our Favorite Sexy Badass Female Horror Characters

Gozer the Gozerian
Although Gozer is actually genderless, the Sumerian god does appear briefly as a human-like female before Ray chooses her marshmallow form. Gozer, played by Yugoslavian model Slavitza Jovan, is a beautiful androgynous being, who is covered in a blue slime that covers her body like shimmering bodysuit.

Film: Ghostbusters
Monster type: God.
Kill method: Getting you to choose the form of your Destructor and then killing you.
Chances of survival if you met her: Low. She is a god, after all.

gozer - 10 of Our Favorite Sexy Badass Female Horror Characters

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