Plan 9 from Outer Space Remake Landing in February

plan 9 poster 598x422 - Plan 9 from Outer Space Remake Landing in February

Long before films like Troll 2 and The Room came along, Ed Wood mastered the art of charmingly bad cinema, and 1959’s Plan 9 from Outer Space is unquestionably his most well-known creation. For some reason, it has been remade, and now we know when to expect it.

Per Gravitas Ventures, Plan 9 will hit VOD on February 16th, followed by a physical media release around 90 days later. While we wait, check out the trailer and poster art!

The film stars Brian Krause (“Charmed,” Sleepwalkers), James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd), and Matthew Ewald (Fox’s “Galidor”) plus horror actors such as Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave), Addy Miller (“The Walking Dead”), and Michael Christopher (Dawn of the Dead).

Plan 9 is the story of Nilbog, a small town with a big story: the beginning of an invasion! However, instead of lasers, spaceships, and epic force, these aliens have a different plan for the inhabitants of Earth: to resurrect the dead as their own army set with but one goal… to wipe out all mankind! On this Halloween night only the townsfolk stand in the way of total domination. From the police department to those trapped in a convenience store, and even those trying to stay alive in the streets, this night will decide the fates of all who walk the planet and thought they were the top of the food chain.

plan 9 wm - Plan 9 from Outer Space Remake Landing in February

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