Aviophobes Beware! Exclusive The Carrier Clip Loses Altitude!

The Carrier UK DVD

There’s disaster in the air and a deadly pandemic on the ground in director Anthony Woodley’s The Carrier, out now on UK DVD courtesy of Altitude Film Entertainment. To celebrate the release, we have an exclusive clip that may make the flight-phobic amongst you a little queasy. Strap in!

The Carrier (review) stars Jack Gordon, Karen Bryson, Edmund Kingsley, and Joe Dixon.

[vimeo 151145644 w=640 h=360]

When a devastating infection spreads across the entire world, causing chaos and collapsing civilisation as we know it, the only safe place is in the air.

A cabin crew escapes on a damaged 747 bound for Greenland but not all the passengers are as healthy as they seem… When the plane is sabotaged, the ragtag group of survivors are forced to land in an England tearing itself apart and ravaged by disease. The crew are faced with impossible life or death decisions which force them to confront their past, face their fears and fight for their very survival.

The Carrier DVD 2D Image 723x1024 - Aviophobes Beware! Exclusive The Carrier Clip Loses Altitude!

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