Vincent Price Shares A Christmas Carol


The news is slow (which is just fine by us, as spiked eggnog is the order of the week; we recommend Jack Daniel’s brand Vanilla Spice, BTW) so it’s afforded us time to seek out some holiday treats for you guys! This could be the coolest one ever.

Back in 1949 the great Vincent Price narrated a short television telling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Price, who could read us the McDonald’s menu and have us transfixed, may seem like an odd choice to have host this tale of holiday joy; but if you think about it, who better to bring us one of the most beloved ghost stories of our time?

There are a couple of other true oddities about this presentation though; for one, instead of A Christmas Carol, it’s titled The Christmas Carol, and lastly, of all things, Ebenezer Scrooge’s name is actually spelled wrong in the credits!

Sit back, grab your eggnog, power down the lights, and fire up the candles… Merry Christmas!

vincent price a christmas carol - Vincent Price Shares A Christmas Carol

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