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Ju-On Sequels Renamed

The two new chapters in the Takashi Shimizu created franchise Ju-On have been renamed for us silly Americans who don’t like to think or learn other languages. Brain. Hurt. Words. Bad.

According to Bloody Disgusting the films formerly known as Ju-on: Shiroi rôjo and Ju-on: Kuroi shôjo have gotten their English on for a hopeful Stateside distribution. The flicks will now simply be known as Ju-On: White Ghost and Ju-On: Black Ghost. That’s just fuckin’ racist if you ask me, but in any event dig on the synopses and trailers for them both below.

Ju-on: White Ghost, written and directed by Ryuta Miyake, stars Akina Minami as a high school girl with a sixth sense named Akane, who starts having disturbing visions of a childhood best friend who recently died in a family murder-suicide.

Ju-on: Black Ghost, written and directed by Mari Asato, stars Ai Kago as a nurse named Yuko who cares for a young girl who has a strange cyst inside her body. The cyst turns out to be the leftover grudge of an unborn baby and begins to spread to the surrounding people, driving them mad.

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