2010 Scotchworthy Girls Calendar Now Available


calendar2010 - 2010 Scotchworthy Girls Calendar Now AvailableNerdcore may have some competition for genre-friendly girlie calendars as Scotchworthy Productions has revealed its new 2010 calendar, which will feature the scantily clad Scotchworthy girls posed in re-creations of various horror film favorites.

The Scotchworthy girls came about from the company’s street team. The girls would don costumes such as the Bride of Frankenstein, or a Zombie Beauty Pageant Winner, and canvas various horror conventions promoting Scotchworthy Productions and its efforts. It became popular enough that a calendar seemed the next logical step. Contained within its pages are their take on Poltergeist, Halloween, It, Psycho, and April Fool’s Day. Tiffany Shepis also came on board for the cover photo as well as to grace October as Re-Animator, which I’m including below for your viewing pleasures. Good times!

To check out the calendar and Scothworthy Productions, visit their official webpage!

calendar tiffanyshepis - 2010 Scotchworthy Girls Calendar Now Available

Tristan Sinns

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