Metallica Unveils Awesome New Cthulhu Artwork

The members of popular heavy metal band Metallica have a lot of love for everyone’s favorite Great Old One, it seems. They’ve unleashed an incredible new illustration of Lovecraft’s most famous creation, drawn by artist Richey Beckett.

Lovecraft’s original story was the basis of their 1984 song “The Call of Ktulu.” The art will go on sale on their online store on September 10th in the form of t-shirts and limited edition prints.

Despite his brilliance, Lovecraft was unknown and impoverished at the time of his death. So it makes me happy to see that many years later, one of the finest writers ever is still getting so much respect and attention. I don’t even think that many modern celebrities will have that honour.


Metallica Ctulhu 1 - Metallica Unveils Awesome New Cthulhu Artwork

Written by David Gelmini

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