Jay Burleson’s Unfinished Business Launches Seed & Spark Campaign

Jay Burleson (Anathema Arienette, The Nobodies) and writer Jamie Grefe (The Mondo Vixen Massacre) have joined forces for the horror/mystery Unfinished Business. To help bring this project to fruition, Burleson and Grefe has launched a Seed & Spark campaign to raise the $12,000 they need to tell their story. In fact, the campaign page details everything they need to make it happen.

What’s Unfinished Business about? I’m glad you asked.

After the death of her grandmother, 22-year-old Bailey Wallace is haunted by a ghost that lurks in her house. As she pieces together the tragic history of her home, she has no choice but to face the ghost head-on and come to terms with the truth about a past she barely remembers.

As you may have guessed, Burleson is quite excited to make Unfinished Business, and he seems to have quite the fondness for the genre as a whole.

He explains, “When I was 12, I went to see The Blair Witch Project on opening weekend. I can recall the trip very vividly. My mom and I were both very excited about the film and had been eating up all the marketing surrounding it. I can still remember the energy in the theater from that night. As we took our seats, we encountered a woman who was preparing for her second viewing of the film, and she told us that it was the scariest film that she had seen since the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even as a kid, I knew how big of a statement that was. It has long been a dream of mine to one day create a horror film that would inspire the same time of reaction from audiences, and with your help, I believe I can make that film with Unfinished Business.

Grefe, meanwhile, is jazzed about teaming up with the filmmaker for Unfinished Business, saying, “Ever since I saw Jay’s Halloween: Harvest of Souls trailer, I knew I had to work with him. We started talking possibilities and he happened to have this project on the backburner. I went to work on it and we were both excited about how compelling it turned out. Jay put the finishing touches on the script and now we’re taking the next step to make this a horror-reality. It’s a layered horror movie with some very exciting turns and a strong lead. I think we can make this happen.

If you’d like to contribute to Unfinished Business, swing by the flick’s Seed & Spark page and toss some cash in their direction. And be sure to check out the awesome pitch video.

Unfinished Business Image 1 - Jay Burleson's Unfinished Business Launches Seed & Spark Campaign

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