The Russian Sleep Experiment Creepypasta Becomes a Creepy Novella


If you haven’t read The Russian Sleep Experiment creepypasta, then click that link and treat yourself to a truly eerie story. Out of all the creepypastas currently available, it’s among my absolute favorite. It’s well-written, engaging, and delivers a spectacular ending. Again, if you haven’t read it, definitely give it a look. I’m trying not to build it up too much, but I’m struggling here.

Author Holly Ice has taken this unsettling story and stretched it into a very creepy novella. The aptly-titled Russian Sleep Experiment is now available in trade paperback and ebook, so you have plenty of options available depending on your preference. It’s like paper or plastic, but different.

From the Press Release:
The Russian Sleep Experiment is a new horror/psychological novella by Holly Ice, inspired by the Cold War. The Soviet Union is conducting unethical, secret experiments in the depths of Siberia. This particular experiment is conducted on political prisoners ahead of the scientific trial being approved for human experimentation. The Soviet Union wants the edge in any coming conflict and to do this, they test Gas 76-IA on four volunteers. These political prisoners are offered their freedom in exchange for thirty days without sleep, powered by this mysterious gas, but the side effects are more than they had bargained for.

The Russian Sleep Experiment is an extension to novella length of the original Creepypasta short story, with added content.

This extension of the tale has three parts:

Part 1: Told from the POV of one the prisoners, this part tells the story of how the political prisoners were recruited from their camp to take part in the experiment. (This was not explained in detail in the original short story.)

Part 2: Told from the POV of one of the experimentees and the lead scientist. This part fleshes out the major action of the original tale in real time. We see what happens from inside the mind of the prisoners and from inside the cage of the experiment, as well as from the logbooks of the very ambitious lead scientist.

Part 3: Told from the POV of one of the scientists involved in the experiment, after it has concluded. This final section shows the consequences of the experiment and is based in rural Siberia.

The Russian Sleep Experiment features artwork by award-winning graphic artist Daniel Tyka.

For more information about The Russian Sleep Experiment and author Holly Ice, then you should really consider swinging by the Almond Press website. All kinds of info there. Better yet, plan a relaxing trip to the official website for Ice’s novella. It’s pretty cool.


Russian Sleep Experiment Cover - The Russian Sleep Experiment Creepypasta Becomes a Creepy Novella

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