psychophonias - Exclusive Early Look at the Psychophonia Trailer

Exclusive Early Look at the Psychophonia Trailer

It’s been a few months since we’ve gotten an update on Psychophonia, a psycho-sexual thriller from Lony Ruhmann and Blanc/Biehn Productions; but that changes today because we have an exclusive early look at the film’s new trailer to share.

With a story from Ruhmann and screenplay by Barbara Stepansky, Psychophonia is directed by Brianne Davis (The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story).  It stars Vedette Lim (“Chicago Fire,” “True Blood”) in the lead role of Lilly Tarver.

Rounding out the cast are Andrew W. Walker, Kellee Stewart, Adam Rose, Daniel Quinn, Mark Gantt, Mitchell Fink, Lucie Pohl, Sean Hemeon, Nikita Black, Jenimay Walker, Phillip Greenbaum, Garrett Longley, and Alexander Biehn.

The film is executive produced by Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, Lony Ruhmann, and Richard Cardinal and produced by Mark Gantt, Brianne Davis, Danny Bellens, and Tony DeBenedetto. It’s edited by Alex Urbom, and the directors of photography are Vance Crofoot and Mark Gantt.

After her husband, Jeremy, is brutally murdered, artist Lilly Tarver struggles with his secret sex life and coming to terms with who he really was. While diving into his dark and potentially dangerous world, a mysterious caller might hold the answers to his death.

psychophonia - Exclusive Early Look at the Psychophonia Trailer

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