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It Came from the Desert


It Came from the Desert Brings Cinemaware’s Classic 1989 Video Game to Life

When I first received word of the It Came from the Desert proof of concept video, my thoughts immediately turned to the video game I played during my misspent youth. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someone was actually adapting what I thought was a relatively obscure game into a motion picture. When I saw that all-too-familiar Cinemaware logo at the end of the clip, my mind almost imploded with excitement. Color me shocked and deeply impressed.

Sadly, there isn’t much information about the flick right now, which is spearheaded by the folks over at Roger! Pictures. However, here’s what the original video game was all about.

The player assumes the role of Dr. Greg Bradley who comes to remote Lizard Breath, Nevada on June 1st, 1951. As a geologist, he wants to study a recent site of a meteor crash somewhere in the desert south-west of the small town. Early in the game, he learns that the radiation of the meteor has enlarged a local ant population to an enormous size. However, few take his observations seriously. Worried, that the ants will soon mate and spread, he must work against a ticking clock and devise a plan to stop the ants from terrorizing the world. In order to succeed, the player must visit many locations ranging from mines, farms, a pub, an airfield, a local radio station and many more to find evidence of the ants, then convince townsfolk and authorities of impending doom. At the same time the player must contain the ant infestation.

At the moment, there’s no official release date for the It Came from the Desert adaptation. However, the idea that this 1989 Cinemaware title could possibly find its way into my living room at some point in the near future is enough for me at the moment. In fact, I’m headed to to replay the original game right now. Check out the proof of concept video below.


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