Joel D. Wynkoop’s The Bite Finally Hits DVD

I obsess over Joel D. Wynkoop movies the way that some people follow Kane Hodder or Robert Englund. For me, he’s among the best actors working in no-budget horror. So whenever there are new developments in the world of Wynkoop, yours truly has a tendency to get excited, even when the movie itself is over a decade old. My Wynkoop love knows no boundaries.

Joel’s 2005 SOV genre outing The Bite has eluded DVD for several long years. Thankfully, Cult Movie Mania is offering the flick on the aforementioned home video format this July.

There’s a very strong possibility that you’ve never read this synopsis before.

Welcome to Hell on Earth! Freaks, fighting, and bloodshed fill the post-apocalyptic streets as a mysterious disease called THE BITE turns innocent people into bloodthirsty vampires. Walking amongst them is Nick Hazzard (Joel D. Wynkoop), a survivalist out to kill the savage creatures, save the world, and avenge his wife’s death.

Joel D. Wynkoop’s The Bite will begin shipping on July 1. If you want to pre-order your very own copy right now, swing by Cult Movie Mania. For SOV fans, this is a no-brainer.


The Bite 2005 DVD Artwork - Joel D. Wynkoop's The Bite Finally Hits DVD

Written by Todd Rigney

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