Wrecker Anna Hutchison Emily converted - Anchor Bay's New Road Rage Thriller Wrecker Comes to Canada

Anchor Bay’s New Road Rage Thriller Wrecker Comes to Canada

Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada, in cahoots with IndustryWorks Studios, announces their plans to whet your road rage horror flick appetite with Wrecker.  Read on for the details!

From the Press Release:
Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada is proud to announce plans with IndustryWorks Studios, the producers of American Mary, to bring the new horror-thriller film Wrecker to Canada.

Wrecker tells the story of best friends Emily (Anna Hutchison of The Cabin in the Woods) and Lesley (Andrea Whitburn of Lonesome Dove Church), who take a road trip to a music festival in the desert. When Emily makes a decision to turn off the busy highway and onto a lone, desert road, all hell breaks loose. They soon find themselves the target of a relentless tow truck that forces them into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with harrowing escapes, deadly situations, and near captures, turning their road trip in to a living, breathing nightmare.

“Wrecker takes road rage to a new level; it is a game of supernatural cat and sexy mice. Reminiscent of Duel, Wrecker will demolish audiences!” says Susan Curran, Director of Marketing and Acquisitions for Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada of the new addition to the company’s catalogue.

Evan Tylor, President of IndustryWorks Studios, echoes the enthusiasm for this deal, “We are proud to have Anchor Bay Entertainment as our Canadian distribution partner. It was exciting to create a unique take on such a familiar genre.”

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