Grimm Season 4 Wrap-Up; What’s Ahead in Season 5


Last night’s shocker of an ending closed out “Grimm” Season 4 on a high, albeit sad, note; and we wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to Bitsie Tulloch’s portrayal of the polarizing Juliette over the past four years. Beware of spoilers if you’re not caught up!

We certainly thought her battle with Nick would continue into the next season but applaud the showrunners’ decision to wrap it up in the manner they did.  We have a few comments from co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf about Tulloch’s departure plus a tease of what to expect in Season 5.

Per THR, Greenwalt said the decision to kill off such a main character “was just the natural way she grew and developed in the course of the season, and it seemed like that was something inevitable that had to happen… It’s going to change the show’s course. I think it’s going to be even darker still in a way. You know, it’s not going to be the same ‘Grimm.’  It’s not the same dynamic anymore.”

What might that dynamic entail for the “Grimm” himself, Nick (David Giuntoli), who just lost both his mother and his girl friend and has a baby on the way with his mortal enemy? He’ll be dealing with some “pretty serious repercussions [of Juliette’s betrayal],” said Greenwalt, “and at the same time he’s got a lot on his plate. I mean, Adalind (Claire Coffee) is having that baby it sure looks like, and he’s going to have a lot to deal with.” 

Might the two of them become a couple?  Greenwalt hinted, “Well, she’s changed a lot. He’s changed somewhat, and you never know.”

Kouf added, “We don’t know,” with Greenwalt confirming, “‘We don’t know’ is the truth on that one, but he does have some obligation there.”

Nick is facing the start of Season 5 in pretty dire straits.  Per Kouf, “He’s got nothing, this guy,” and Greenwalt added, “…It’s all been taken away from him.  The only thing he’s got is a fifth season.”

He concluded with some music to our ears:  “I think it will be even bigger, even darker, even weirder. You know, I think it’s where it naturally will go.”

As we say bon voyage to Bitsie, here’s another look at Nick and Juliette’s final lovers’ quarrel from last night’s Episode 4.22, “Cry Havoc.”

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juliettehexenbiest - Grimm Season 4 Wrap-Up; What's Ahead in Season 5

grimmseason4 - Grimm Season 4 Wrap-Up; What's Ahead in Season 5


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