The Carrier Brings Death to Cannes

The Carrier

We’re reasonably sure that this latest bit of artwork for The Carrier was supposed to be more effective than funny, but that hasn’t stopped us from laughing at it for the last 15 minutes.

Directed by Anthony Woodley, The Carrier stars Ed Kingsley, Jack Gordon, Karen Bryson, Joe Dixon, Zora Bishop, Billy Clarke, Andrew French, Luke Healy, and Rebecca Johnson. Check out the artwork and trailer below.

Eight survivors take to the skies in a badly damaged 747 to escape an antibiotic resistant pandemic which decimates the planet. There’s nowhere safe to land, but things really start to go wrong when they realize that the infection is on the plane. How long can they stay airborne? And more importantly, what will be waiting for them if they land?

carrier still - The Carrier Brings Death to Cannes

carrier - The Carrier Brings Death to Cannes

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