Lawrence Talks Legend Prequel


iamlegend - Lawrence Talks Legend PrequelI Am Legend is probably one of the biggest continuing disappointments in Hollywood history; not a single adaptation has come close to capturing the feeling of the Richard Matheson novel it was based on. Now Hollywood’s taking it one step further and prequelizing it, just to make sure moviegoers are never able to take this post-apocalyptic world too seriously.

Francis Lawrence, director of the 2007 original, recently chatted with Sci Fi Wire about what he wants to see from the prequel: “I have my beliefs on what was interesting about the first story and what was not so interesting about the first story,” he explained, ”and I think that to go back, there has to be a truly viable reason to go back into that world that I think interested everybody, so that’s the real struggle … to find a story that brings us back in a way that’s hopefully just as interesting as the first time around.”

How about shooting for more interesting this time, since I Am Legend was so damn substandard? Ah, I’ll be happy if they just find a way to not include the CGI “monsters” that were the bane of the first film’s existence.

”If we figure out the story, I’m absolutely involved in the prequel,” he continued. ”We’ve had conversations. Will and Akiva and I have sat down and talked, and there’s a writer that’s working on it right now. So we came up with the bones of a story, and now we’re waiting to see a script.”

In actuality there are a lot of interesting routes that could be taken for this film if it’s done right, all of which I’m sure will be avoided so they can find a way to reference more Bob Marley records and completely miss the point. Again.

Johnny Butane

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