10 Awesome Horror Movie Masks Coming This Halloween Season


As horror fans, we’re lucky to have many different companies that cater to our every desire. Our toy shelves are stocked courtesy of NECA, our home video collections loaded with goodies thanks to Scream Factory, and our closets full of awesome t-shirts from Fright Rags. As for all things Halloween, Trick or Treat Studios has got us covered.

For the last several years, the company has been responsible for releasing the coolest Halloween masks the world has ever seen, most of them officially licensed and based on our favorite horror movies. Last year’s collection allowed you to become everyone from Victor Crowley to the shark from Jaws, and they’re going big again this year.

Halloween may still be several months away, but today here on Dread we preview the 2016 Trick or Treat Studios collection. Because it’s never too early to start getting into the Halloween spirit!

rob zombie 31

Every Rob Zombie movie to date has been turned into at least one Halloween mask, and Zombie’s upcoming film 31 is no exception. Though we still don’t yet have a release date, Trick or Treat Studios just put up for pre-order these two masks based on the film, depicting the characters Psycho Head (Lew Temple) and Schitzo Head (David Ury). Judging by appearances, they’re both guaranteed to become new horror icons – and welcome additions to Zombie’s roster of scary clowns with beards.

doctor satan

One of the only Rob Zombie characters who hasn’t yet been given his own mask is Dr. Satan, who popped up for a brief (but important) appearance in House of 1000 Corpses and was cut from The Devil’s Rejects. That changes this year, as Trick or Treat offers up the very first officially licensed mask of the terrifying character. The official Dr. Satan mask comes complete with a removable breathing mask, and it joins previous masks of fellow Firefly family members Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Tiny.


Trick or Treat Studios is all about giving their fans exactly what they want, and one of their most requested masks of all time finally comes to life this Halloween season. Despite the fact that countless Chucky masks have been made by various different companies over the years, one based on the classic Good Guy doll has never before been released, making this creepy offering the very first of its kind. The company previously released a Chucky mask based on sequel Bride of Chucky.

krampus mask

Trick ‘r Treat director Michael Dougherty created yet another brand new horror icon last year in the form of Krampus, based on the mythical Anti-Claus from Alpine folklore. Pulled directly from screen-used resin masters, provided by Weta Workshop, this hooded and horned mask allows you to become the Christmas monster or display him in your home, and he’ll be joined by masks based on two of the Dark Elves from the film: “Window-Peeper” and “Sheep-Cote Clod.”


Speaking of recent horror icons, the Sinister franchise brought Bughuul (aka Mr. Boogie) into our collective nightmares back in 2012, and he returned to the big screen last year to make some more creepy home movies. This Halloween, Trick or Treat Studios presents the very first Bughuul mask, which is a direct recreation of the actual screen-used mask worn by actor Nicholas King in both films. Throw on a black suit and voila, you’re ready to abduct children and make them do your bidding.

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