Mattel’s WWE Figures Showing Their Teeth…and Claws…And Other Monster Parts

mattelwwemonstersbanner 750x422 - Mattel's WWE Figures Showing Their Teeth...and Claws...And Other Monster Parts

Mattel likes to keep us on our toes! Even though we attend Toy Fair every year, they still like to throw some surprises at us, often turning up in the toy aisles with no warning whatsoever. Such was the case with last year’s WWE Mutants line, which saw your favorite wrestlers transformed into crocodile men, scorpion creatures, and multi-armed freaks of nature.

This year we’ve got a similar monster theme going, with the horrific personalities utilized being from a more familiar stable.

This lineup includes:

  • Asuka as The Phantom
  • Braun Strowman as Frankenstein
  • Chris Jericho as The Mummy
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts as The Creature
  • Roman Reigns as The Werewolf
  • Undertaker as The Vampire

Execution is a mixed bag here. Since these are lower priced figures, it’s understandable if some paint and sculpting details are lost in production; and for my taste, the “mishaps” in this line lead more to hilarity than disdain, making me want to buy them all the more.

Mattel WWE Monsters Asuka 005 - Mattel's WWE Figures Showing Their Teeth...and Claws...And Other Monster Parts


It’s like those pictures you see of someone trying to replicate a famous baker’s pop culture cake and their attempt comes out resembling a melty, deformed monstrosity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMMY!! No…don’t cry…aw damnit, Timmy. You tried.

I’m also forced to point and laugh at their Frankenstein. I totally get the patchwork idea presented here, but they seem to have sewn his tank top to his body…and that’s hysterical.

Check out the rest of the line below, and look for the lot in stores and at your favorite online toy dealer now.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Roman Reigns

The Undertaker



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