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Diary of the Dead 2 update!So as you all probably know by now, George Romero’s latest fan-dividing zombie film, Diary of the Dead, is finally coming to DVD on May 20th (get it here). To celebrate and help spread the word, our own Uncle Creepy sat down with Mr. Romero for a cool, very relaxed interview that you should give a listen to “>right here.

During the course of the chat, the subject of Diary of the Dead 2 came up, and Romero had some good news for fans who are itching to see more. ”There’s been a helluva lot of talk about it, and there’s even been money raised, but I have not yet gotten the call that says we’re shooting in, say, July,” the zombie master told us. “I’ve written the first draft of the script, [producer Peter [Grunwald]’s coming up here next week and we’re going to sand it down and refine it, so we’ll be ready. Then it’s just a matter of someone saying ‘yeah, do it’.”

As is always the case with a Romero movie, it’s another waiting game, but generally when someone does make that “yeah, let’s do it” phone call, he’s behind the camera in no time.

He also revealed a bit about what we can expect from Diary of the Dead 2 if and when it happens. ”Actually a thing that I love, and it might be more fan pleasing, but it’s not subjective camera,” he revealed. ”I’m using a couple of the big characters but not the ones you would expect. I’m starting with the girl that took off…” So at least we know it won’t be another “found footage” movie, but one has to wonder where he’ll go with the message this time, or if maybe he’ll just make a movie about zombie carnage.

Obviously we’ll let you know the instant anything is solidified, but for now be sure to listen to the entire “>George Romero interview to learn way more about the man than you ever thought possible!

Johnny Butane

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