The Big Ass Black Horror Movie List

Black Horror

Last updated on February 26, 2024

Happy Black History Month! Black people have been a part of the horror world since the beginning. It is important to support their work and give them their flowers. I wanted to curate a list that included the Academy Award winners down to the $5 bin features. This list includes horror movies that have Black main characters, Final people, directors, or writers. Take a gander at the list and support Black cinema and Black actors. No matter the sub-genre, decade, or budget, there’s something on the list for everyone.

Importantly, this is not a list of EVERY horror movie with Black people in it and it is in no particular order. Just pick a flick and press play. 

His House (2020)

Streaming: Netflix

His House was a sleeper hit that snuck under the radar on Netflix during the pandemic. It is an incredible tale of loss, guilt, and desperation. The film follows a Sudanese couple seeking asylum in the UK. The viewer follows their struggle to assimilate while trying to solve the mystery of what the couple brought with them from home. I HIGHLY recommend this supernatural flick. It is well-paced and well-acted. There’s also a great twist.

Tales From The Hood (1995) 

Streaming: Tubi

This movie is a staple in the Black horror community. It is an anthology that has stood the test of time. There are excellent special effects from Screaming Mad George, an incredible performance from Clarence Williams III, and four timeless tales held together by a solid wraparound story. Tales from the Hood is a must-see in your journey of Black horror cinema. 

Tales From The Hood II (2018) 

Streaming: Tubi

If ‘on the nose” were a movie, then Tale From The Hood II would be that movie. I absolutely LOVE the first movie, but this is one of the worst sequels I have seen. They really dragged Keith David into this movie, and he still manages to be the best part. It’s difficult to watch, but if you are someone who HAS to see where the story goes next; press play at your own risk. 

Tales From The Hood III (2020?)

Streaming: Tubi

This third installment of the iconic anthology is better than the second entry, but still isn’t as great as the first. This time we have Tony Todd taking a small child around to escape danger. As we follow the story, we learn where the danger truly lives. It suffers in some areas due to the budget, but it is absolutely worth the watch. 

She Never Died (2019) 

Streaming: Tubi

If you enjoy revenge films, this is a fun flick to tune into. We follow an undead Black anti-hero who likes to eat bad guys. It is absolutely worth the watch! This one definitely flew under the radar and deserves more love. There’s good gore, fun dialogue, and a fun performance from Kianan Madeira (Fear Street Trilogy). This is an indie gem! Press play! 

Wake (2010) 

Wake is a film that explores Black folk magic over an old southern gothic backdrop. It involves folklore, magic, and sacrifice. If you enjoy films like Beloved and Eve’s Bayou, then this will be right up your alley. You can find this film for free on Youtube.  

Sugar Hill (1974) 

Streaming: Prime Video

This is a Blaxploitation flick that focuses on revenge. While the use is Voodoo may be unrealistic, the story itself is interesting. The look of the zombies is simple, yet haunting. We follow Sugar as she gets revenge against the men who killed her man. She is fun to watch and the deaths are interesting. If you are diving into Blaxploitation, this should be one of your first stops.

Ganja & Hess (1973) 

Streaming: Showtime

Another stop you should take on your Blaxploitation journey is Ganja & Hess. This movie is for people who love sexy vampires. While the main plot deals with acquiring a new taste for blood, there is more beneath the surface. This film explores the themes of religion and assimilation, especially in the context of Christianity. 

The Transfiguration (2016) 

Streaming: Kanopy and VOD

Since we are on the topic of vampire flicks. The Transfiguration is a dark horror drama for viewers who like to blur the lines between fantasy and reality. We follow Milo as he explores his obsession with vampirism. An overall feeling of dread draped over the themes of escapism and obsession makes this film one to put on your vampire list. This movie is more of a slow burn, but it definitely sticks with the viewer.

Dead Heist (2007)

Streaming: Tubi, Peacock, Crackle

If you want to see Bone Crusher, E-40, and Big Daddy Kane in a ghoulish horror movie, then this is for you. This is a low-budget find with interesting ghouls. It ends up becoming a fun little action-horror movie. The acting is a little questionable, but I was thoroughly entertained. Pull up if you want to see people kill ghouls in South Pole outfits. 

Wendell & Wild (2022) 

Streaming: Netflix 

If you want to watch something fun for the whole family, then Wendell & Wild is a great option. The viewer follows Kat (who mysteriously looks like Kat from Girl, That’s Scary), a Black alt-girl,  who kicks ass and takes names. The stop motion is beautiful to watch and the diverse cast helps give the genre more representation. If you are a fan of Coraline, check it out on Netflix. 

Blade (1998)

Streaming: VOD

This film does not get the credit it deserves. Blade crawled so that our current superhero movies could run. This movie is a great watch nearly 25 years later. There are good comedic moments, great action, and an interesting story. Not only is our anti-hero Black, but we also have a Black woman in STEM, who kicks ass! Check this movie out for vampire action. 

Blade II (2002)

Streaming: VOD

Horror movies often fall into the sophomore slump with sequels. Blade II used the original movie as a springboard to the next level. This movie upped the ante with special effects and the vampire threat. The sequel gave us upgraded weapons, fun one-liners, great fight scenes, and extremely unique vampiric creatures. This is one of my favorite sequels in horror.

Blade Trinity (2004)

Streaming: VOD

While this movie ended up being a hot mess, it still has entertaining parts. Blade is still kicking ass and taking names. This movie had good ideas, but conflicting tones. We do not think this movie holds up, but it is worth the watch at least once. 

Blacula (1972)

Streaming: Amazon Prime 

Since we are back on the topic of Black vampires, everyone should check out Blacula. It is one of the horror gems from the Blaxploitation era, and still stands the test of time. Instead of showing Black people as the help, this movie started by showing Black people as royalty. Although the story is tragic,  Blacula gets bloody with dignity and we love to see it! 

Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973)

Streaming: Tubi

Scream, Blacula, Scream is a fitting sequel to the original film. We get the treat of Pam Grier and Richard Lawson. This time we are following Blacula as he tries to end his vampiric curse on Earth. The use of voodoo and the magical negro trope is questionable, but the movie is still worth the watch.

Slumber Party Massacre (2021) 

Streaming: VOD

This movie was not talked about enough! This remake was engaging, funny, and bloody! This time we have two Black characters who kick ass! This film flips tropes, kills the characters you love, and also gives us final Black girls. If you enjoyed the original Slumber Party Massacre (1982), you will get a kick out of this one. 

The Reading (2023) 

Streaming: BET+

The trailer and the opening of The Reading draw viewers in. Some of the performances were questionable, but this flick takes you on a ride! Mo’Nique is the best thing about this flick and we want to see her on the horror scene more often. There are scenes where her portrayal of Emma is downright delicious! I think it’s worth watching at least once. 

28 Day Later (2002) 

Streaming: Available on physical media 

We all love a good zombie flick; although there is debate about whether these are zombies are not. Selena, played by Naomie Harris, is a force to be reckoned with! We are following Jim (Cillian Murphy) as he realizes that the city is overrun by zombie-adjacent beings. During his realization, Selena saves his ass multiple times! She knows how to handle herself and she makes tough and smart decisions quickly! We do not talk about Selena enough, and she deserves her flowers. 

Event Horizon (1997) 

Streaming: Paramount+

If you are into sci-fi horror, this is worth checking out! Not only do we have a Black person as the captain of the ship (we love to see Black people in STEM), but we also have another Black crewmate who makes it to the end. Event Horizon gives us a taste of Hell in space and it’s decadent. There are bits of a Black character being comedic relief and a  Black sacrifice, but the movie overall holds up. We highly recommend it.

The People Under The Stairs (1991) 

Streaming: VOD

In this film, we follow Fool, played by Brandon Adams, who’ i’s just trying to make it another day in his neighborhood. His mother is sick and the rent is due. He gets tangled up in a scheme to steal from the evil landlords, but those plans go awry. Fool finds out that the house is full of secret passageways, trick stairs, and flesh-eating people. There are definitely a few tropes, but Fool’s victory makes it all worth it. 

Night of the Living Dead (1968) 

Streaming: Shudder, Prime Video, Tubi, Paramount+, Peacock, and more.

The iconic Duane Jones plays Ben in Romero’s Classic Night of the Living Dead. This movie changed the zombie game forever. It created a big cultural shift from Voodoo zombies to the undead walking the streets without a known cause. Ben fights for his life against the undead, a useless Barbara, and Cooper the dirtbag. He makes so many great choices, just to be killed in the end like he’s simply one of the horde. This movie is a must-see!

Night of the Living Dead (1990) 

Streaming: VOD

In this remake, Tony Todd plays the role of Ben. We also get a more interesting version of Barbara. Tony Todd gives a courageous and emotional performance, whereas Duane Jones’ performance seems a little more level-headed and calculated. We also get a bit more gore and special SFX in this film, courtesy of Tom Savini. This remake follows most of the same beats but makes enough character choices to make it feel different from the original. We highly recommend this film. 

Bones (2001) 

Streaming: VOD

At first glance, many people will think this is simply another cheesy Snoop Dogg horror flick. That is not the case. Bones tells a tragic story of revenge, betrayal, and the effect of drugs on a Black community. People also overlook the great special effects and Italian horror elements. The colorful clothes, the bright red blood, and the maggots remind me of elements from Fulci and Argento films. Overall it still holds up and it is worth a revisit. 

The Quiet Room (2018) 

Streaming: Shudder

Jamal Douglas stars as Michael in this queer supernatural horror film that touches on themes of depression and mental health. It has interesting lore, realistic performances, and a wonderful creature design. Plus, it’s all packed into half an hour. I love urban legends and this one is worth checking out. 

Little Monsters (2019) 

Streaming: Hulu

Lupita Nyong’o gives an excellent performance as a kindergarten teacher trying to protect her students during a zombie outbreak. She has excellent classroom management, she knows how to think on her feet, and she knows how to get problem students (usually adults) together quickly. There are great comedic moments, good-looking zombies, and heart-warming scenes. This would be a great zombie watch for the whole family. 

Escape Room (2019) 

Streaming: Starz 

Taylor Russell plays Zoey, an incredibly intelligent Black student in STEM. She’s selected with five other strangers to find clues to solve the mystery of the Escape room. They soon learn it’s far more dangerous than a puzzle and a few clues. We also have We love that Zoey makes it out on top despite making selfless choices. We usually lean more toward R-Rated films, but this PG-13 feature has a place in our hearts. 

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) 

Streaming: Starz 

Zoey is back and she cannot let go of the events from the past and now she HAS to stop Minos and their deadly games. She goes on a mission to expose Minos, only to end up in another deadly Escape Room game with new strangers. This time all of the strangers have played the game before. This sequel ups the ante with more intense games and a cliffhanger ending. 

Master (2022) 

Streaming: Prime Video 

This film reminds me of Dear White People (2014) in the way it focuses on racial microaggressions without giving us a resolution. We are left to sit with unresolved discomfort. This may have been the purpose, but that makes Master (2022) a bit of an uncomfortable watch. I do recommend giving this a watch because there is a lot to unpack and discuss. 

Urban Horror Series (2021) 

Streaming: Tubi 

Urban Horror Series is an anthology with a bit of spirit! It is low-budget and doesn’t reinvent the wheel with the stories, but there were a few interesting things to see. I must warn viewers that there is a TEN-minute horror rap song that feels like forever. You will either really enjoy the last story or you will hate it. 

Beast (2022) 

Streaming: Prime Video

Idris Elba is squaring up with a pissed-off lion in this flick. This is for horror fans who enjoy survival horror and creature features. While the children may cause indescribable rage, the adults generally make decent choices, which makes it easier to root for them.

Attack The Block (2011) 

Streaming: VOD 

A young John Boyega protects his neighborhood from an alien invasion. This is a coming-of-age story mixed with sci-fi and horror. The aliens do not look terrifying, but they do not shy away from killing, especially adolescents. The performances are believable and there are some nice kills. This is worth the money on VOD. 

Vampires vs. The Bronx (2021) 

Streaming: Netflix 

If you are looking for a youth-friendly horror film, then look no further! Vampires vs. The Bronx is an easy and relatable watch for younger fans. I am always searching for Black coming-of-age stories that involve horror. In this flick, you can catch vampires, bodegas, and Method Man! Sit your family down and give it a watch.

Pooka! (2018)

Streaming: Hulu 

Hulu’s ‘Into The Dark’ series provided us with monthly scares. Pooka is a holiday-flavored fright that involved a creepy doll that repeats what it hears. The movie seems like it would be supernatural based on folklore about the púca. Instead, this movie goes into the psychological thriller territory. We follow Wilson and his journey with his family and his career. It’s worth checking out during the holidays. 

Pooka Lives! (2020)

Streaming: Hulu 

Pooka Lives! has a completely different tone than its predecessor. Comedy and camp are sprinkled throughout the entire movie. This film follows a group of friends who have decided to create their own Creepy Pasta story with horrifying results. I’d recommend this if you enjoyed Pooka

Black Box (2020) 

Streaming: Prime Video

If you enjoy Black Mirror, then I highly recommend Black Box. This sci-fi thriller follows a single father, Nolan, who suffers from amnesia. He tries an experimental procedure to help him regain his memory. He begins to recover, but something dark is sitting in his memories. All of the leads are Black and we see Black people in STEM! Check it out. 

Nope (2022) 

Streaming: Peacock 

If you are in the mood for a sci-fi horror western, Nope is an excellent choice. It has beautiful visuals and an effective sound design. We take a journey with two siblings after the death of their father. They join forces with a retail clerk to capture an image of a UFO. I recommend multiple watches of this flick. This first watch is usually clouded with a little confusion. 

Sissy (2022) 

Streaming: Shudder 

Sissy runs full speed into influencer horror as we follow Sissy goes on a bachelorette weekend from hell. Sissy is trapped in a house with beef from her childhood that never died. There are pretty pictures, gnarly kills, and selfies galore.

Dawn of the Dead (1978) 

Streaming: Available on physical media

If you’re looking for undead delight, then check out Dawn of the Dead (1978). The zombies are roaming free as a small group secures a mall for survival. I would personally pull up for Ken Foree alone. The zombies are a plus. If you are in it for more than the zombies, there is plenty of commentary on consumerism. This is widely considered a classic. 

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Streaming: Roku channel or VOD 

Dawn of the Dead has a KILLER opening scene! The rest of the movie is pretty damn good, too. Instead of undead shamblers, we have sprinting zombies; the worst kind! Mekhi Phifer makes ridiculous choices and Ving Rhames helps save the day. This is a remake worth watching.

Def By Temptation (1990)

Streaming: Tubi, Peacock, Crackle

A succubus is turning up in New York in this Black horror classic. There’s a stacked cast and interesting cinematography. Joel goes to New York to visit K and has a boss battle with his faith. It’s worth a watch. 

Slice (2018) 

Streaming: HBO Max

Slice is a fun little horror comedy that casually involves, witches, ghosts, and werewolves. Someone in town is killing the delivery people and we follow Astrid on her journey to find out who is responsible. This will give you more laughs than scares, but it’s still a good time. 

In Fabric (2018) 

Streaming: Showtime 

Despite how cheesy it sounds, I truly enjoy movies about killer clothing articles. In Fabric has comedic bits, but it isn’t cheesy. We follow Sheila, among other characters, on her journey with a new red dress. As the movie goes on, we uncover the mystery of the gown. The runtime is a bit steep, but it’s great for those who enjoy a slow burn. 

Run, Sweetheart, Run (2020) 

Streaming: Prime Video

Unfortunately, this is a familiar story of a dinner date gone wrong. Cherie is trying to make it to sunrise, and it’s proving to be an extreme sport. This is good for viewers who enjoy cat and mouse movies. 

Dayshift (2022) 

Streaming: Netflix 

Dayshift is an action horror comedy that is perfect for a Friday night family flick. If you press play, you’re in for a ride! There are vampire martial arts, one-liners from Jamie Foxx, and beheadings galore. A father is riding around L.A., trying to pay bills via vampire teeth. Check it out.

Snake Eyes: An ASMR Experience (2020)

Streaming: Youtube

If you’re into sound design, you should check out Snake Eyes. It’s about eight minutes of sonic stress. The best way to listen is with headphones in a dark room. 

The Invitation (2022) 

Streaming: Netflix

For some reason, people seem to hate this movie. I went in blind for the unrated version and I was entertained. It takes a familiar story and gives it a little twist. I do think the trailer gives away too much of the movie, so I would recommend skipping it. I would also recommend opting for the unrated version if you can. 

The Invitation (2015) 

Streaming: Tubi

The Invitation is packed full of tension. Will and Kira pull up to a dinner party and things go from awkward to deadly. I won’t give anything else away, just press play. 

Get Out (2017) 

Streaming: VOD 

I highly recommend Get Out to every horror fan! Chris goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents and everything is not what it seems. This movie is packed with beautiful cinematography, great writing, metaphors, and little slices of comedy that relieve some of the tension. I also recommend watching this film more than once. Knowing the end of the movie changes how one may view the actions of the characters. 

Us (2019) 

Streaming: VOD 

Us received backlash simply because it was not Get Out. Us is a good time on its own merit. It’s entertaining, there are fun kills, it has a GREAT score, and it stars Lupita Nyong’o. I love to see horror movies that focus on Black families surviving together, especially when they make it to the end. A family goes to their beach home when a family pulls up to their front door. While this flick is a little bloody, I do recommend it for the entire family. 

Candyman (1992) 

Streaming: VOD 

Most horror fans have heard of Candyman. I encourage viewers to revisit this film if it has been a while since seeing it. The chilling score and the iconic performance by Tony Todd make this classic worth the watch alone. This movie also dives into themes of revenge, race, and social class. It’s been about thirty years and I still won’t say his name five times in one day.

Candyman (2021) 

Streaming: Amazon Prime 

This requel takes a different approach to the familiar urban legend of Candyman. This film expands the universe so that we can see the story of the candymen and how they came to be. This movie is visually stunning! An artist explores Cabrini Green and finds out how it’s tied to his past. While it does not tie all of the loose ends, this movie is absolutely worth the watch. Give Nia DaCosta her flowers, and give Yahya Abdul-Mateen II my number. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) 

Streaming: VOD

Some may argue whether Bodies Bodies Bodies is a horror movie or not. I think it’s close enough to make this list. If you enjoy whodunit murder mysteries, you may enjoy this! This movie gives us the Black representation we don’t see often: affluent Black people with rich parents. A group of friends plays a party game during a hurricane and the bodies begin to pile up. 

Eve’s Bayou (1997) 

Streaming: Showtime, Paramount +

Eve’s Bayou is a staple in Black cinema. The main focus is the drama surrounding the Batiste family mixed in with magic and murder. I love the slice of Black life we are able to see in this film. I recommend watching this movie as soon as possible. 

Ma (2019) 

Streaming: VOD 

Sue Ann makes friends with the local teenagers. Little do they know, she has sinister plans for them and their parents. Ma had the potential to be great, but it makes a few questionable choices. I still recommend giving it a watch, especially if you like movies about revenge. Octavia gives a great performance. 

Spell (2020) 

Streaming: Prime Video

If you are a fan of the Power series on Starz, you can catch Omari Hardwick in Spell. Marquis flies to Appalachia for his father’s funeral. When the plane crashes, due to a storm, he finds himself in a terrible predicament. Loretta Devine gives a convincing performance as Ms. Eloise. Check this movie out. 

Nanny (2022)

Streaming: Prime Video

For a taste of African folklore and beautiful visuals, you can check out Nanny. Aisha is a Senegalese immigrant trying to bring her son to New York to live with her. She learns that chasing the American dream can have nightmarish results. This film isn’t huge on scares, but the story makes this worth the watch. 

Suicide By Sunlight (2019) 

Nikyatu Jusu’s short Suicide By Sunlight is about a day-walking vampire who is in a custody battle for her kids. I highly recommend this short. Jusu is said to be working on an expansion of this short film with Monkeypaw and Universal. 

Hair Wolf (2018)

Streaming: Kanopy, The Criterion Channel 

Another short film you can check out is Hair Wolf. Stylists at a Black hair salon are trying to defend themselves against white women who are trying to suck the life out of Black culture. This flick is colorful and a bit campy. Check it out! 

Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

Streaming: VOD 

In this flick, the residents of a boarding house are trying to survive the night as a demon tries to collect the key to the apocalypse. We get demons, camp, and Jada Pinkett Smith as a Black final girl. If you enjoy Tales From The Crypt, then check this out. 

Unsullied (2014) 

Streaming: VOD 

If you enjoy cat-and-mouse survival movies, then Unsullied is for you. A track star is kidnapped and we follow her journey to freedom. This film offers decent chase scenes, smart protagonist choices, and evil townspeople. It’s definitely worth the rental price. 

Sound of Violence (2021) 

Streaming: Showtime

If you enjoyed Jasmin Savoy Brown in Yellowjackets and Scream (2022), then check out Sound of Violence. We follow Alexis after her family is murdered, and we witness how that event has affected her and her relationship with sound. This movie has great performances and creative kills. It’s also pretty unique plotwise.

Saloum (2022) 

Streaming: Shudder 

If you are interested in gunslinging, folklore, and beautiful shots, then you should check out Saloum. A group of mercenaries escaping a coup go to a remote region in Senegal. One of them is hiding something. This is definitely for horror fans that enjoy crime thrillers. 

Shadow: Dead Riot (2006) 

Streaming: Tubi 

I recommend pressing play for Tony Todd. This is a low-budget B-movie, but there were some entertaining scenes and plenty of deaths. This is for horror fans that’re into the women-in-prison subgenre. Buckle up for unlimited fistfights and corrupt prison guards. I must warn you about a certain wig; you will know it when you see it. 

The Beast Must Die (1974) 

Streaming: Tubi, PlutoTv 

You can always sign me up for a whodunit werewolf movie. It even has a break for the audience to guess who they think is the werewolf. This movie is so much fun, and I was genuinely surprised by the reveal. It’s a good movie to watch with friends. 

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) 

Streaming: Tubi

This is an interesting zombie flick with a Black youth as the lead! The world is taken over by a disease that turns humans into flesh-eating creatures. A group of children who were born with the disease is the only hope for a cure. We follow Melanie, an infected child, who finds a different way to save the world. I highly recommend this film.

Abby (1974) 

Streaming: Youtube 

People remember this film as a ripoff of The Exorcist. I feel like I saw a completely different movie. There are scenes that are clearly derivative, but there are plenty of scenes that feel very different from The Exorcist. I do not believe this film deserved to be buried. I think everyone should press play and check this movie out. This movie receives bonus points for having William Marshall in the cast. 

Sweetheart (2019) 

Streaming: Netflix 

If you enjoy survival horror and creature features, then Sweetheart is worth checking out. Jennifer washes ashore on an island. She realizes she’s not alone on the island at night. Jenn needs to be added to the final girl hall of fame. It is also rated PG-13, which makes it accessible to a younger crowd. 

The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

Streaming: Youtube 

If you are looking for another taste of Blaxploitation from the 1970s, then this is worth a watch. The use of voodoo is questionable and there’s an egregious white savior narrative at the end, but I was still entertained. The outfits and the dialogue kept me engaged.

Bad Hair (2020) 

Streaming: Hulu 

A woman trying to get ahead in the television business gets a weave with deadly consequences. There are so many things I enjoyed about this film, although there are a few questionable choices. As a Black woman, many of the scenes felt relatable, especially the relaxer scene.

The Boy Behind The Door (2021)

Streaming: Shudder 

This film is very heavy because it deals with children in peril. If you enjoyed The Black Phone, you may enjoy The Boy Behind The Door. Bobby and his best friend are kidnapped and he must fight to escape. This is for horror fans who enjoy tension and suspense. I will give bonus points for the performances of the children. 

Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)

Streaming: HBO Max

If you are looking for a laugh, then check out Vampire in Brooklyn. This movie is campy and over-the-top, but that’s what I love about it. There are some scenes we could have done without, but it is still a fun spoofy vampire movie. Eddie Murphy’s wig should have its own billing in the movie.

Vamp (1986) 

Streaming: Tubi

Press play to be awed by Grace Jones. That’s the review. That’s the take. 

Overlord (2018) 

Streaming: Paramount+ 

If you are looking for an action-horror movie involving zombie-adjacent creatures, then press play on Overlord. Our characters are dropped behind enemy lines, and the soldiers find much more than they bargained for. This is for horror fans who enjoy war movies. 

Nicole (2019) 

Streaming: Prime Video, Tubi 

This is listed as a horror-comedy, but I’m not sure where the comedy is. This movie is quite dark. It reminds me of Darling (2015) with the black and white setting and the woman who is a danger to her dates. If you like murder via ax, then you should give this movie a shot. 

Tiffany The Doll (2022) 

Streaming: Tubi 

I will admit that this movie looks like it was made for $200 and a Wendy’s Biggie bag, but I laughed out loud several times. If you can get past the production value and the idea that these blinking humans are robots, then you may have a good time. Tiffany the Doll and her Doll homegirls terrorize the town. 

Se7ven (1995) 

Streaming: HBO Max

This is a crime thriller classic! Morgan Freeman is our lead in this film. If you enjoy police procedurals, then you will want to press play. We follow detective Somerset, on the verge of retirement,  as he works on his last case. Unfortunately, the case is far more complex and grizzly than expected. Check it out to see what’s in the box.

Killjoy (2000) 

Streaming: Tubi 

I cannot say that this is a good movie. I can say that I experienced it and it was not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The costume design makes this movie worth the watch. You will need to survive the production value and the dialogue, so press play at your own risk. 

Fear Street Trilogy (2021) 

Streaming: Netflix 

This was a MOMENT in 2021, and I would love to see more horror experiences like this one. We have a Black lead, that also starred in She Never Died, who is complex and courageous. There are some excellent kills and creepy killers throughout the trilogy. While this may not be for everyone, I think it’s worth the watch for the kills alone. 

Spiral: From The Book of Saw (2021) 

Streaming: VOD

If you want to play a game, then check out Spiral. A lot of the comedy does not land for me, but the kills are delicious. Chris Rock’s performance is a little over-the-top, but this is not the worst movie in the Saw franchise. This is for the horror fans who enjoy police procedurals with a bit of blood, guts, and ass sprinkled on top.  

The Blackening (2023) 

Streaming: Starz

This movie was an EVENT! This feature was amazing to watch in theaters, so it’s meant for a crowd. If you want to laugh out loud with your friends, then turn this flick on. A group of friends celebrate Juneteenth in a cabin in the woods and things turn deadly. While the mystery is a little obvious, the reason for the revenge is hilarious. I implore you to check this out!

The Exorcist: Believer (2023) 

Streaming: Peacock Premium

The online community was not kind to this movie at all! Compared to the other sequels, I think this movie isn’t too bad. At the minimum, it’s a serviceable exorcism film, even if you do not like how it ties to the original. The performances were worth the watch, especially from our leads. I recommend watching this at least once. 

Totally Killer (2023) 

Streaming: Amazon Prime

This flick was totally fun! While the Black best friend is a trope, we do see Black women in STEM. The Black girls ultimately save the day without sacrificing their lives. The kills are brutal, the characters are fun, and the jokes land! We follow Jamie as she tries to solve the mystery of the Sweet Sixteen Killer before he starts his deadly killings.

Swarm (2023) 

Streaming: Amazon Prime

If you want to go on a wild and deadly ride through Stan culture, check out Swarm. This limited series follows a hardcore fan as she tries to get closer to her favorite artist. If you are chronically online, you’ll notice the connections to Stan culture online as well. 

They Cloned Tyrone (2023) 

Streaming: Netflix

They Cloned Tyrone feels unapologetically Black, without being cartoonish. There’s an amazing soundtrack, excellent camera work, and memorable performances. Buckle in with the crew as a series of events leads them to uncover a conspiracy. I cannot recommend this movie enough. 

The Strays (2023) 

Streaming: Netflix

If you want to see a “F**k those kids!” movie, then The Strays should be on your list. Ignore the Get Out comparisons and consider it a film about a woman willing to do whatever it takes for the life she desires. Check it out.

Cobweb (2023) 

Streaming: Hulu

This movie has an incredibly eerie vibe, which makes it perfect for Halloween. We follow a young boy as he figures out what lives inside the walls of his house. The white savior trope is flipped and the Black character, Miss Devine, swoops in to save the day; or does she? Give it a watch to find out!

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) 

Streaming: Shudder

I am always excited for more Frankenstein-esque movies. With stunning visuals and an authentic feel, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster is worth the viewing. We watch Vicaria’s journey to bring her brother back to life. Brace yourself for the explicit visuals of violence to Black bodies. 

We Have A Ghost (2023) 

Streaming: Netflix

Here is an option that can entertain the entire family. We Have a Ghost is a light-hearted comedy with a sprinkle of horror themes like ghosts and murder. This is a great option if you are looking for a feel-good movie. Kevin finds out his house is haunted and it goes viral. As his family adjusts to fame, he uncovers the mystery behind the ghost; which makes him a target. 

Talk To Me (2023) 

Streaming: VOD

Press play if you are ready for some scares! Talk To Me takes familiar frights and adds extra spice to them. Sophie Wilde gives an unforgettable performance in this film about grief and connections. Watch as a group of friends joyride spirits through a haunted hand until one of them crashes. 

Bones and All (2023) 

Streaming: Amazon Prime

Somehow cannibalism and romance always seem to find each other like in Trouble Every Day (2001) or Raw (2016). Young cannibals fall in love and go on an epic road trip, only to realize they cannot outrun their past. 

Bitch Ass (2022) 

Streaming: Paramount+

I know the name may sound playful, but the games are deadly. Four gang recruits break into a house and things go awry. This feels like a straight-to-video movie I would have rented in the early 2000s. You will be able to see the seams of this film, but I think it has charm.

The Harbinger (2022) 

Streaming: Tubi

This movie was surprisingly good! This haunting film follows Monique as she goes to visit a friend who is having nightmares. The horrors of her friend are transferred to her and she must fight for her life, or be forgotten. This movie is worth a watch.

The Devil To Pay (2019)

Streaming: Netflix, Tubi

After her husband disappears, a farmer must repay a debt to save her son. If you want to watch a crime thriller in a rural setting, then press play. There are cults, betrayals, and shotguns. Check it out!

The First Purge (2018)

Streaming: Netflix

Many of The Purge movies focus on disenfranchised people fighting for their lives against government-sanctioned terrorism. This film shows The Purge in its experimental stages. We watch while a Black neighborhood is cut off from society and how the government manipulates the situation in its favor. I think this film is more entertaining than the original.

Bloodrunners (2017) 

Streaming: Prime Video

If you ever wanted to see Ice T as a Vampiric bootlegger, then here is your chance! Vampires in 1933 have taken over a speakeasy and the police try to shut it down. I think Vampire Ice T is reason enough to press play.

Dracula 2000 (2000) 

Streaming: Max

The 2000s was a great time for sexy vampires and awesome soundtracks. This film gave us the treat of Omar Epps as a Vampire (and every vampire in the film! Why were they so hot?). Unfortunately, that’s almost all the movie has to offer; visuals and hot vampires. Do we honestly need anything else? 

Ghost of Mars (2001)

Streaming: VOD

This movie is chaotic and I love it. Mining on Mars has caused a dormant civilization to rise and take over the current population. It’s up to an unlikely band of police officers and criminals to join forces and make it out alive. Check it out for Pam Grier and Ice Cube.

The Bone Collector (1999) 

Streaming: Peacock

Denzel Washington often finds his way to a crime thriller. Follow Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Donaghy as they race to connect clues to track down a serial killer. Check this out for the memorably gruesome crime scenes. 

Juice (1992)

Streaming: Max

Juice is classic archival Black cinema. We watch the friendship of four Black teens turn to ruin after a robbery unexpectedly turns deadly. The elevator scene alone makes this movie worth the watch. 

Petey Wheatstraw (1977)

Streaming: Tubi, Crackle, Fubo, Plex

Petey Wheatstraw was wildin’! The blaxploitation flick is riddled with tropes but can be a fun ride if you’re in the mood for a 1970s time capsule. 

Class of 1999 (1990) 

Streaming: Tubi, Vudu, Plex

Military robots are repurposed to teach unruly students, which has deadly consequences. If you like dystopian thrillers, then this should be on your list. Also, Pam Grier. 

Spaghetti (2023) 

Streaming: Tubi

Based on the synopsis, I knew this movie would have a questionable. There is a fun twist at the end, but not enough to salvage it from the initial “voodoo” plot point. Watch this at your own risk.

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) 

Streaming: Peacock, Tubi, Pluto, Plex

A Black mother gets her revenge on the killers of her son. I cannot highly recommend this film, but it is nice to see a Black woman get revenge. This is another film you should watch at your own risk. 

Queen of the Damned (2002) 

Streaming: VOD

I am not going to lie to y’all: I watch this film for Aaliyah and the soundtrack. That’s it. That’s all. 

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) 

Streaming: VOD

While I have plenty of problems with the depiction of Voodoo or the folk magic used in this film, I still think it is worth a watch. The visuals and dialogue are haunting and will stick with you after viewing.

Lord Shango (1975) 

Streaming: Kanopy, Tubi, Plex

Here is another taste of blaxploitation. It has the usual issues that many blaxploitation films have, but it’s a decent revenge flick if you’re in the mood for a ride to the 70s. 

The Thing (1982) 

Streaming: VOD

This movie is one of my all-time favorite horror flicks. It has incredible special effects, great performances, and a gripping mystery that we never figure out. We have multiple Black characters and one of them survives (maybe?). I’d recommend it just to see Nauls on his skates.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Streaming: VOD

Dream Warriors has a Black Survivor, a fire song, memorable sequences, and awesome one-liners from Freddy. It’s easy to see why it’s arguably considered the best sequel in the franchise. WELCOME TO PRIMETIME BITCH! 

It (1990) 

Streaming: Tubi

This is a horror classic! The memorable scares and interesting lore of Derry keep me coming back. There are a few Black characters sprinkled throughout the book, but we mainly focus on Mike. His character is so important to the story and he acts as an anchor for the Loser’s Club, in a time when most Black characters were just add-ons.  

Spawn (1997) 

Streaming: VOD

I will not lie; I’m wearing nostalgia glasses to write about this film. It’s so good and terrible at the same time. Some of the Special effects are great, and some of them are worse quality than Windows 95 screensavers. Still, this movie holds a special place in my heart. John Leguizamo gives every scene 150% in the best and worst way.  

Ragdoll (1999) 

Streaming: Tubi, Crackle, Fubo

This is a low-budget film I would rent at Blockbuster. The production value reminds me of Demonic Toys or Ooga Booga. If you’re in the mood for a .99-cent Blockbuster rental, then press play. I was pleasantly surprised. 

Alien Vs. Predator (2004) 

Streaming: Hulu

Give Sanaa her flowers right now! She played it smart, teamed up with the predators, and LIVED. She even got matching tattoos with her new tribe. The reviews do not do this movie justice. It’s not a perfect film, but it deserves more than 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. 



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