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Equality at Dread Central

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I was asked to write an editorial about our devotion to equality, to “woke” culture. The powers that be wanted me to come out and say we are going to make a concerted effort to feature more diverse voices.

I have no problem with this. I encourage this kind of openness and inclusivity. Maybe it is because I am a cis white woman, but I don’t like the idea of having to make a big deal out of it. We shouldn’t have to have a letter like this. We should have a variety of voices. All outlets should. I don’t want to hire queer writers because they are queer; I want to hire good writers who happen to be queer, or black, or Latinx, or Muslim, or whatever.

I have always found the horror community to be the most accepting group of film fans. When I first started covering horror journalism over a decade ago, I remember one of my first press events, for a Stuart Gordon film called Stuck. There were a dozen guys there, and me, the only girl. As soon as I started talking about horror films, proving my bona fides, I could feel the room shift. Everyone accepted me. Not because I was a chick; not for any gentlemanly reason. It was for professional reasons. They knew I was a true fan, not there to fill a quota, and they accepted me. 

That is what I want for Dread Central. I want true, dedicated horror fans working for this site. Skilled writers who have a different opinion, or a point of view I may not have thought about. Of course I want a variety of voices, and I hope to have representation of underserved demographics of at least 50%. I want to make sure those who might not have a forum can be heard. So if you are a writer, a horror fan, and want to address an issue in horror that you don’t see discussed enough, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line at Yes, even if you are a straight white male. I told you: we are all about equality.

That said, I certainly don’t want social issues to overshadow the horror. Just because you are a black writer doesn’t mean you have to write about black horror cinema. Dread Central is not about “lecturing” readers. There is still room for torture porn, rape/revenge, slashers, mondo, cannibals, nunsploitation, and all other forms of extreme horror. We are all adults; we know the difference between reality and fantasy. And while we’re at it, let’s keep those comment sections clean. Opinions can differ, but let’s leave the trolling and bullying behind.

So, to recap: We want horror fanatics who are good writers, have an opinion, and a voice that needs to be heard. 

Written by Alyse Wax


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  1. Why did you like a comment, that called everyone who is against these kinds of ill-placed social agenda pushing articles, homophobes? Its in the same facebook comments where you simultaneously thanked user Bret Laurie for sharing his sentiments about these type of articles not having a home here. What gives?

  2. I have no issue with -true- diversity.

    I do, however, have an issue with agendas being pushed on me in the name of “social justice”.

    I am a reader here because I am a fan of horror, therefore I don’t give a shit about your “wokeness”.

    Stay on point and stay away from agendas.

  3. Yes, please do not turn this into another BD, where you can’t read an article without making some idiotic political statement. I am so tired of all of the whining and complaining in all media. Leave politics out of horror fans webzines.

  4. So yeah, maybe the staff member that feels oppressed by having to write the op-ed on inclusivity was not the right voice to represent Dread Central’s policy on the subject. Or maybe they are, which would be more troubling.

    • What you are referring to as “oppressed” is the author’s disappointment that we have to still say things like this in this day and age. Sorry that is the only thing you took away from this, that is definitely not our intention.

      The point is people are complex and their opinions expand far beyond the definitions and limits others place on them. We are not looking to put already marginalized voices into yet another box. Just because you happen to be LQBTQ, POC, or however else you may identify does not immediately define your opinions, your tastes, or your interests.

      If you want to champion a cause that is important to you Dread Central will always be there to stand with you and your voice will always have a home here. But we don’t expect you to do so either. Society already places too many expectations and limits on us, we are not about perpetuating that here. Plenty of people in minority groups, or who are experiencing marginalized lives, are tired of being poster people for issues they did not ask to be responsible for. They are not the niches foisted upon them by a society that needs to make quick surface level decisions.

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