B-Sides: Most Explosive, Action-Packed B-Sides Ever!

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Today’s B-Sides has it all: explosions, more explosions, gunfire, more gunfire, vehicles crashing through gates, helicopter escapes, children longing for their Rambo-esque father to come home, more explosions, more gunfire, and all of it is set to a rocking Eighties theme song that sounds like it could have been composed by a Krokus tribute band.

Return Fire is the sequel to Python Wolf. You remember Jungle Wolf, don’t you? That 1986 direct-to-video actioner starred karate master Ron Marchini as a Vietnam vet sent to Central America to rescue an American Ambassador kidnapped by rebel forces. That means he gets to beat up, shoot up, and blow up countless Filipino actors in guerrilla uniforms.

If you’ve never seen Jungle Wolf, that’s okay because the opening credits to the 1988 follow-up recap the action-packed third act of the previous film set to a song titled after the movie performed by a band called “Sidewinder” that from what I’ve been able to find out only existed to provide the title song to this and one other direct-to-video movie of the time.

For those curious, Return Fire’s plot has Marchini’s character returning home to San Francisco to be reunited with his son while having to contend with bad guys led by the diabolical Adam West.

This is the first B-Sides to come out of my own personal video collection, and when you hear the Dokken-esque sounds of the song “Return Fire” while witnessing the non-stop action of an obscure Missing in Action wannabe, you’ll understand why I knew I had to personally share this one with the world.

Outnumbered a million to one? Prepare to Return Fire!

bsides - B-Sides: Most Explosive, Action-Packed B-Sides Ever!

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