PaintTheTownReds - Paint the Town Red (Short, 2017)

Paint the Town Red (Short, 2017)

PaintTheTownRed 200x300 - Paint the Town Red (Short, 2017)Starring Ariel Hansen, Allison Klause, Jesse Inocalla

Directed by Christopher Graham & Ariel Hansen

An innocent trip to a secret nightclub becomes more than a couple of young ladies are able to handle in Paint The Town Red, a short film from co-directors Christopher Graham and Ariel Hansen. Have your tickets? Then step right on in through the curtain, and your waitress will be with you shortly.

Both Andie (Klause) and Josephine (Hansen) are over the moon with excitement when a couple of admission tickets to the hottest new nightclub show up in the mailbox, so it’s off the ladies go for some drinks, a little dancing…and maybe a little screaming, if I may be so bold. The short is straight to the point, and with a runtime of a shade over 5 minutes, why wouldn’t it be? So for this accelerated bit of time, for me to wrench any more details from the vein would be a shameful crime, so I’ll refrain – but rest assured, for this club doesn’t have much of a return clientele, if ya catch my drift.

Performances are fun, and the action is a bit on the gory side, all adding up to an amusing gander for those who feel the need to sharpen their teeth on some good old-fashioned crimson-siphoning. Make sue to give this one a look, but don’t offer your jacket up to the coat check quite so quickly – you might need it if you have to run out of the club in a hurry.

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