Hit and Run (DVD)

Hit and Run DVD reviewReviewed by Johnny Butane

Starring Laura Breckenridge, Kevin Corrigan, Christopher Shand

Directed by Enda McCallion

Released by MGM Home Entertainment

This one came in about as under the radar as a film can get, which I find kind of surprising because despite the surface-level similarities to Stuart Gordon’s Stuck, Hit and Run is actually a pretty descent, fucked up little film.

Our story begins when Mary (Breckenridge) is on her way home from a night out with the girls, having had a few drinks but certainly not acting intoxicated. She swerves to avoid something in the road, narrowly avoids crashing her Jeep into a tree, and winds up a bit shaken but otherwise okay. She goes home and goes to bed, but is awakened in the wee hours of the morning by a strange sound in her garage.

She soon finds out that the source of this sound is a man (Corrigan) impaled on the front bumper of her Jeep, his presence being the first of a few instances of disbelief suspensions you’ll have to endure to enjoy Hit and Run.

Hit and Run DVD reviewAfter freaking out she decides she wants to help him (though not by calling 911, oh no), but when she tells him this he makes a grab for her and she freaks out even more, this time with a golf club. Believing she has (accidentally) finished the job her Jeep started, she decides the best course of action is to take the body out into the middle of the woods and bury it.

Rarely, if ever, is that the best course of action, by the way.

Her boyfriend Rick (Shand) shows up the next night and she confesses everything, to which he reacts better than most of us would, basically telling her that their best course of action, now that she’s accidentally killed someone and purposefully hid the evidence, is to pretend like nothing’s wrong. Easy to say, save for the fact that now Mary’s seeing little signs around her house that someone knows what happened and is fucking with her.

Hit and Run DVD reviewTurns out she’s more right than even she imagines, and when this is revealed is when Hit and Run really takes a turn for the bizarre and, I’m not ashamed to admit, regained my interest by not doing anything close to what I expected it to.

Not that it’s wildly unpredictable, but it was certainly a lot more interesting than I had feared it’d be. Director Enda McCallion obviously wanted to show a bit of style and not make this some boring looking film either. While there’s nothing groundbreaking in terms of editing or directorial flourishes, there still are some good examples of both and that’s a welcome change from most direct-to-DVD dreck.

As for features, you get your choice of scene selections or trailers for other MGM/Fox titles. Too bad, too; after watching the film I actually wanted to know a bit more about the people who made it, but what can you do?

So next time you’ve got nothing going on in your Netflix cue, or you’re wandering around your local video store, keep Hit and Run in mind. You could do a helluva lot worse getting films you have heard of…

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    Johnny Butane

    • fceurich39

      this was an alright film i am glad used a gift card for this at bestbuy it was alot different than stuck which in my opinion is just slightly better than this