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Cannibal Ferox


Grindhouse Releasing Brings Cannibal Ferox to Blu-ray

On May 12th, Grindhouse Releasing is bringing Umberto Lenzi’s controversial classic Cannibal Ferox to Blu-ray for the very first time, in the form of a deluxe 3-disc Blu-ray/CD set. On tap for you today are full release details, so get ready to devour the information!

Banned in 31 countries, Cannibal Ferox assaults your senses as a group of Americans lost in the jungles of Amazonia experience brutal retribution at the hands of blood-crazed cannibals. Shot on location in the savage Amazon wilds of South America, it’s one of the most violent and shocking films ever made.

feroz 797x1024 - Grindhouse Releasing Brings Cannibal Ferox to Blu-ray

Special Features:

  • Original UNRATED, UNCENSORED director’s cut
  • Spectacular new 2K transfer – scanned from the original camera negative
  • SHOCKING deleted footage – lost for over 30 years!
  • Breathtaking digital stereo re-mix by Academy Award winner Paul Ottoman
  • Optional Italian language soundtrack and original mono mix
  • Candid and shocking audio commentary by director Umberto Lenzi and star John Morghen
  • Provocative, in-depth interviews with director Umberto Lenzi, stars Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Danilo Mattei and Zora Korowa, and special effects master Gino DeRossi
  • EATEN ALIVE! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM – all-new feature-length documentary containing interviews with Umberto Lenzi, Ruggero Deodato, Sergio Martino, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, and Robert Kerman
  • Original Italian, German and U.S. theatrical trailers
  • Extensive gallery of stills and poster art
  • Glossy 12 page booklet containing liner notes by legendary 42nd Street historian Bill Landis (author of THE SLEAZOID EXPRESS) and Eli Roth (director of HOSTEL and THE GREEN INFERNO)
  • BONUS CD – original soundtrack album by Budy-Maglione – newly remastered in stunning 24 bit/96khz sound from the original studio master tapes, and including never-before-released alternate takes
  • Beautiful embossed slip cover


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