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Godzilla Hotel


Godzilla Hotel Opening in Japan

Screw you, J.W. Marriott! Up yours, Motel 6! Hey, La Quinta! You’re now La Caca! The king of all hotels is opening in Japan, and if it’s the last thing I do on this planet, I will be spending the night in it! Get ready for your first look at Japan’s Godzilla Hotel!

According to The Telegraph, a Godzilla-themed hotel is to open in Tokyo, which means your partner won’t be the only monster you go to bed with.

The 30-storey Hotel Gracery, based in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, will fling open its doors on April 24th; and for just $334 a night (or $417 a night during the weekend), guests can stay in the Godzilla Room, which features a large kaiju statue as well as various pieces of memorabilia from the film.

An enormous Godzilla head will protrude from the top of the hotel, which sits above the Toho cinema, the film company that produced and distributed many of the Godzilla films. There’s even a room for $125 a night in which you can look directly out at Godzilla’s enormous head.

Check out the pics below, and start packing your bags!

godzilla hotel 1 - Godzilla Hotel Opening in Japan


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