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The Lazarus Effect Trips Out on Death



The Lazarus Effect

This new clip from The Lazarus Effect asks an age old question… “What happens when we die?” Do we just blink out? See a light? Ride on a fire-breathing unicorn across a black rainbow while AC/DC blasts in the background? We’ll find out when the flick hits theatres on February 27th. For now though? We Batusi till dawn if only for spite!

The film was directed by David Gelb and written by Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater. It stars Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger, and Donald Glover.

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From masters of horror Blumhouse Productions – producer of The Purge, Insidious, and Sinister franchises – THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows a group of researchers led by Frank (Duplass) and his fiancée, Zoe (Wilde,) who’ve achieved the unimaginable: bringing the dead back to life. After a successful, yet unsanctioned trial on a newly deceased animal, the team is ready to unveil its breakthrough to the world. When the dean of their university learns of their underground experiments, their project is unexpectedly shut down and their materials confiscated.

Frank, Zoe, and their team (Glover, Bolger, and Peters) take matters into their own hands, launching a rogue attempt to recreate their experiment, during which things go terribly wrong and one of their own, Zoe, is horrifically killed. Fueled by terror and grief, Frank pushes them to do the unthinkable: attempt to resurrect their first human test subject.

Initially, the procedure appears a success, but the team soon realizes something is wrong with Zoe. As her strange new persona reveals itself, the team quickly becomes stuck in a gruesome reality. They are no longer faced with the question of whether they can bring someone back to life – but rather, the wrath of her return.

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