Scream Factory Bringing Star-Studded Early Eighties Slasher The Final Terror to Blu-ray

Scream Factory Bringing Star-Studded Early Eighties Slasher The Final Terror to Blu-rayMuch like The Burning, The Final Terror is one of those early Eighties slasher-in-the-woods flicks that may actually be more noteworthy because of how many members of its young cast would go on to greater stardom.

Scream Factory is dusting off this nearly forgotten screamer for Blu-ray release as part of its “Summer of Fear”.

Forest rangers go camping in the woods and trespass into wilderness territory they shouldn’t have. Pot is smoked. Sex is had. Canoes are paddled. Throats are cut.

A fairly standard 1982 slasher that’s better than some, worse than others, The Final Terror has primarily toiled in obscurity since the VHS days, a little surprising considering it boasted a cast that would go on to bigger and better things.

Such as Daryl Hannah; she made this just before becoming a big star in Blade Runner and Splash. Rachel Ward’s star rose shortly after starring in the classic TV miniseries The Thorn Birds. Adrien Zmed would have a solid career as a kitchy 1980’s hunk thanks to turns in Bachelor Party, “TJ Hooker”, and hosting “Dance Fever”. Joe Pantoliano has since had an award-winning career as a character actor, most notably as ‘Ralphie’ on “The Sopranos” and ‘Cypher’ in The Matrix. Director Andrew Davis even followed this film up by directing one of Chuck Norris’ best films (Code of Silence), one of Steven Seagal’s best (Under Siege), and the Best Picture nominated Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones thriller The Fugitive.

Suffice to say, quite a pedigree on this one. Will be interesting how many of those stars, if any, Scream Factory will be able to wrangle to talk about their early career experiences being stalked in the woods by a sickle-swinging mountain mama.

The Final Terror is also one of those movies like Humongous where much of the night scenes in the old VHS release are so dark you can barely see what’s going on. Will be interesting to see if when they clean it up we’ll finally be able to see all of The Final Terror.

Here’s Scream Factory’s official Facebook announcement of this summer’s Blu-ray/DVD combo release:

Our 2014 "Summer of Fear" release schedule is about to get even better with the following title reveal--one which we're sure will please so many of you that have requested it. The long-lost 1983 slasher film THE FINAL TERROR is coming to Blu-ray & DVD for the first time ever!

As some of you already know, this killer-in-the-woods entry stars an eclectic group of stars including Rachel Ward (The Thorn Birds, Night School), Daryl Hannah (Splash, Blade Runner), Adrian Zmed (Grease 2, Bachelor Party, "TJ Hooker") and Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos").

We're aiming for a July release. No details on extras to report at this time, but the key art you see here - adapted from the original theatrical key art - is final (no pun intended).

Somewhere The Prey is looking at the Scream Factory folks and asking, “Hey! I’m a slasher-in-the-woods flick from the early Eighties. No love for me?”

The Final Terror

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Love this one. More of a forest survival film than a slasher.

Submitted by DavidFullam on Wed, 02/05/2014 - 2:40pm.

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