Where's Waldo, Human Centipede Style

Where's Waldo, Human Centipede StyleThere's one constant in this world. It has nothing to do with the earth spinning or the sun shining. It's the fact that from now until the end of time, someone... somewhere... somehow... will indeed be searching for Waldo.

From the twisted mind of Alex Pardee comes this mash-up of properties that's so ridiculously funny we don't even know where to start. You just have to see it. Can you spot everyone's favorite always missing kid? Something tells us that in this instance you won't need an Amber Alert or even a milk carton to zero in on the sweet spot.

Check out the goods below, and look for more on The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence in the coming weeks as that bad boy is shooting right now and is said to be home to a five-hundred-person ass-to-mouth centipede.


Waldo Human Centipede

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Source: Official Alex Pardee Website