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Japanese Farmers Are Using Terrifying Robot Wolves to Guard Their Crops



You have to hand it to the Japanese because they sure know how to identify problems and come up with ingenious solutions to tackle them.

Farmers in Japan have been constantly menaced by deer and wild boars, which continually eat their crops and destroy their farmland. So their solution, naturally, was to create a robotic wolf powered by rechargeable solar batteries to scare away any animals trespassing on their land. The animation monstrosity is known as the “Super Monster Wolf” (yes, really), and it will clearly give anyone the creeps, regardless of whether or not you happen to be a deer or a wild boar.

In addition to looking like something straight out of the bowels of Hell, the “Super Monster Wolf” also has the ability to detect the movement of nearby creatures and can emit a range of sounds, including gunshots, howls, and human voices, to frighten them away.

The first robot wolf manufactured in Japan apparently did such a good job of scaring pests of farmland that they will be entering mass production across the country next month, as reported by Futurism. At 65 centimeters (2.2 feet) in length and 50cm (1.6 feet) in height, it’s roughly the size of an actual wolf, but with its demonic red eyes and hideous mane, it’s not exactly anatomically correct.  Either way, if you’re a rich asshole, you can purchase your own “Super Monster Wolf” for 514,000 yen ($4,840) once they begin mass production.

And in all honesty, having the “Super Monster Wolf” scaring pests away from farmland is a vastly preferably alternative to exterminating the animals, so kudos to the Japanese for having come up with a humane solution. It’s almost like they’ve come to realize that their state-sponsored campaign to wipe out wolves in the country back in the early 1800s wasn’t such a great idea after all.





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