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Exclusive: Update on Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle; Screenshots, Animated Kills, Jason Variants, and More!



It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for us to unleash some goodies on you cats in the form of something that’s just perfect for the day! We have a look at some brand new Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle screenshots and Jason variants, along with the skinny on each!

In our previous story, Blue Wizard Digital’s Jason Kapalka told us that they’ll be taking Jason to some never-before-seen environments while keeping him as badass and brutal as ever! As a result the look of Jason has been tweaked accordingly to adapt to his new surroundings and of course his classic ones as well!

We got the scoop on these new Jasons and the ideas behind them from Kapalka himself:

As for the variant Jasons… we knew when we started on the game that it would be hard for us to stick only to the locations and costumes used in the films, given the more cartoony, colorful, tongue-in-cheek nature of Killer Puzzle,” Kapalka tells us. “There are only so many campgrounds and forests you can see before they start to look pretty similar!

We had lots of ideas for cool ‘adventures’ for Jason but weren’t sure if Sean Cunningham would be down with our more… radical… concepts. So we were a bit concerned when we sent over our first proposal. But he loved it! Said he’d never seen Jason done quite like this…

Kapalka continues, “As for the specific new Jason variants, there are still a bunch we’re keeping under wraps for now, but each of these has his own ‘episode’ or movie in the game…

FROZEN JASON: Someone makes the mistake of opening up the Crystal Lake Ski Resort, which makes Jason angry. Very angry. The working title was “Hot Tub Death Machine.”

SUPERMAX JASON: Jason is captured and sent to a high security penitentiary to await his execution by electric chair. But things go awry and he escapes to wreak havoc on guards and inmates alike in the ultimate prison riot.

APOCALYPSE JASON: We pictured this episode as a sort of alternate-reality prequel to Jason X, where Jason has become the ultimate survivor in a blasted post-nuclear future wasteland full of mohawked mutants.

It was a lot of fun coming up with new outfits for Jason,” says Kapalka. “We always wanted him to look badass. There are a few more that are even wilder, but we can’t talk about those quite yet…

And how about some kills while we’re at it?

And yes, Mrs. Voorhees will be on hand (or should we say on head?) to offer up some of her unique insights.

But wait! We’re not done yet! Here are some more screenshots for you cats – some new, some old, all awesome!

Now for something really cool! Dread Central will be co-sponsoring a contest to give YOU the chance to appear as one of the in-game victims! That being said, it’s my honor to announce that for the first time ever, I shall be immortalized in video game form! Will you be the one to join me for some digital murder? Look for details soon regarding how you can be lucky enough to make the cut!

Kapalka also mentioned that the game is right on target for release on mobile devices in early 2018. What about consoles? Stay tuned for more as we get it!

For more information, check out the official Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle website.



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