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Exclusive Early Word on Allen + Millie: A Short Romance; Behind-the-Scenes Stills and More!



Our good friend Brooke Lewis and her Philly Chick Pictures production company just sent over the early details about their latest project, Allen + Millie: A Short Romance, along with a few exclusive behind-the-scenes stills that give us a taste of what’s to come in this horror rom-com with a twist.

It’s a wrap for comedy, romance, horror film Allen + Millie: A Short Romance! Written and directed by Markus Redmond (Fight Club, “Doogie Howser, M.D.”), the film stars Brooke Lewis (iMurders, Slime City Massacre) and Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn, Back to the Future).

Allen + Millie: A Short Romance is brought to us by executive producers Brooke Lewis, James Lantiegne, and White Rabbit Entertainment.  The gifted production crew also includes cinematographer Kaity Williams, production sound mixer Kally Williams, assistant director Gustavo Pena, production supervisor Joshua Lantiegne, and editor Steve Siebold. In addition, music is provided by Mike “Fuse” Henry, hair and makeup is by Kelly Stark, and Thomas Jordan handled behind-the-scenes video.

The below photos are by Marie Gregorio-Oviedo, who shared set photography duties with Nathan Mitchell.

“Allen + Millie: A Short Romance was a gift from the short film universe! I had been wanting to work with Markus Redmond on a film for some time. He and I share an affinity for classic black and white films in the style of filmmaking greats like Billy Wilder. One day, Markus and I were on the phone discussing another project, and he remembered an idea he had had that he thought I would love as an actress. So he sent me Allen + Millie: A Short Romance, and it made the blood in my Scream Queen veins pump! I instantly fell in love with the role of Millie Lane, as she is a ‘B-movie starlet’ from the 1930s.  (Wait… does art imitate life or life imitate art? LOL!) We were inspired to make this ‘picture,’ and it all fell into place! I was also in love with the White Rabbit Theater location, where Markus and I had shot something before, and James Lantiegne joined us as an executive producer. Once I got one of my favorite actors and dearest friends, Courtney Gains, to sign on to play Allen, I was elated! The final touches were the powerhouse sister team of Kaity and Kally Williams (cinematographer and production sound mixer), about whom Markus got me excited! And last, but not least, for all the loyal horror fans – spoiler alert! – there is a fun clip of Greg Lamberson’s Slime City Massacre shown in the film and a scary twist inside this romantic comedy!” – Brooke Lewis

“Brooke and I had more friends in common than we realized, so it was probably inevitable that we connected. She wanted to find something for us to collaborate on together and wasn’t sure how that would happen. I knew Brooke was big in the horror scene, and horror was a genre I had not created before since it’s not in my lane. I’m a big fan of the old films of the 30s and 40s, and I’m a student of Woody Allen’s films, so that’s where I live creatively. I had been kicking around an idea about a Woody Allen-esque character, neurotic and depressed, wanting to end it all but being terrified of death. What if there was a way around that fear? Would he take it? What would it be? That’s where the idea for the project was born from.” – Markus Redmond

Allen + Millie: A Short Romance is in post-production and will hit both mainstream and genre festivals in 2018.

Forever doesn’t take that long…

Allen Mitchell (Courtney Gains) has just accepted that his life will never turn out like he planned. His only solace from this cruel realization? An afternoon at the movies to watch his favorite starlet, Millie Lane (Brooke Lewis). Of course, Millie Lane is a long-forgotten film star from the 1930s, but that doesn’t stop her from being Allen’s one obsession, her old movies being the only thing in this world that he can truly count on.

But this afternoon will be much different… this afternoon he’s joined in the theater by Millie Lane herself! Is this just Allen’s fantasy taking his mind over? Or is he in for a life the likes of which he’d never dared dream of?




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