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MUST HAVE: CavityColor’s Worm-Spinning Zombie Pin Is to Die For!



Zombie Pin

One of the horror genre’s most beloved and instantly recognizable zombies is without question old “Worm Eye” from Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (aka Zombi 2). Fans have gone out of their way to collect every single thing with the toothy ghoul on it since horror collectibles started becoming… well… collectible!

CavityColors has unveiled a new enamel pin based upon this memorable design and in the process makes it even more memorable. That’s right, kids! Gaze upon one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen… LUCIO FULCI’S ZOMBIE – DELUXE ENAMEL PIN!

Product Description:
CavityColors is proud to present our officially licensed, deluxe enamel pin featuring one of the most iconic flesh-eaters in cinematic history, Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE.  Art by Aaron Crawford.

** THIS PIN FEATURES WORMS THAT SPIN inside the socket! **

1.7-inch tall soft enamel pin with shiny black metal finish.
Worms are attached to a spinner inside the eye socket!
Double rubber clutch on the back for secure attachment.
Pin comes attached to a mini poster replica backing card.

* LIMITED EDITION of 400 worldwide only *
Due to the limited nature of this item, it is strictly limited to 3 PER PERSON only.
If you attempt to check out with more than 3, it will not work.

How much? Just $13.00! These are gonna go fast! What are you waiting for?

Zombie Pin

Zombie Pin




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