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Exclusive Jasmine Artwork Cuts Through the Rain

Hailed as being in the vein of American Psycho, Indican Pictures has announced their acquisition of Jasmine, which stars #1 Serial Killer‘s Jason Tobin. We’ve got our hands on official artwork for the film, which you can see below. The key art convinces me that Tobin will do whatever it takes to figure out who killed his wife, even if that means getting his hands bloody in the process.

A murder mystery/thriller, Jasmine looks like it will take viewers on a wild ride of intrigue, suspense, and a seedy underworld that society would rather hide. There’s a sexiness to the locations as well as a sense of continuous danger. It’s been a while since I’ve been interested in checking out a solid Asian thriller but perhaps Jasmine could spark that up again.

Jasmine stars Jason Tobin, Byron Mann, Eugenia Yuan, Glen Chin, and Sarah Lian. It was directed by Dax Phelan.

One year after his wife’s murder, Leonard (Jason Tobin), a successful Hong Kong businessman, becomes obsessed with a mysterious stranger he thinks killed his wife. Now he travels the world trying to find this stranger and people keep dying everywhere he goes.

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