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The Night Brings Charlie


The Night Brings Charlie Back a Sequel

Do you remember the 1990 slasher flick The Night Brings Charlie? Directed by Tom Logan and written by Bruce Carson, it ended up getting lost admidst a bunch of flicks that were vying to be the next big thing in the sub-genre.

Years later Carson has taken to his Facebook page to announce that he’s written a sequel, The Night Brings Charlie Back. Carson will be sitting in the director’s chair for this one, and casting has already begun.

We’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Original Film Synopsis:
The Night Bring Charlie, is a horrifying descent into the twisted killing spree of a psychopath. Charlie Puckett, a disfigured tree surgeon, becomes the prime suspect as a series of gruesome murders are committed with the deadly slash from a tree-trimming saw. But in a town seized by terror, Charlie might not be the only thing to fear.

night brings charlie - The Night Brings Charlie Back a Sequel


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