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Ranking the 10 Greatest Killer Car Flicks



It’s hard to maintain control of a ton or two of metal while cruising down the highway. Now imagine that hefty beast with a steering wheel taking on a life all its own. Sounds even more terrifying, right? Well, it is terrifying, and we’ve got a look at 10 films that will more than prove that to you. From old to new, here are the greatest killer car flicks in existence!

The Car

01. Christine
A tale of a possessed car that transforms one nerdy, introverted chap into a hatred fueled bag of bones, Christine was nothing short masterful. Some, in fact, may argue that this is John Carpenter’s final truly great film. While I do enjoy the bulk of Carpenter’s work, Christine is indeed a top three film (behind only The Thing and Halloween, with The Fog trailing not too far behind.


02. Duel
Duel can be classified as a thriller and no one will complain. But the idea of road rage gone epically far is a disturbing thing to contemplate. It’s also scary. This lengthy game of cat and mouse gradually escalates into very dark territory, and between Steven Spielberg’s tremendous direction and the award worthy performance from the perfectly cast Dennis Weaver, it’s hard to find anything but taut brilliance within the picture. Duel isn’t just a great pic, it’s one of the greatest made-for-television pieces history has produced.

03. The Hitcher
Again, cars aren’t necessarily the primary focus of this terrifyingly morbid character study. The story sees two youngsters on a long distance journey. They encounter a hitchhiker, but he’s not exactly a nice guy. In fact, he’s basically the reason this movie falls on this particular list, as he uses automobiles as one staggeringly brutal means of torture and murder. If you’ve skipped this classic, look into it – it’s a suprb film with a jaw-dropping performance from the amazing Rutger Hauer.

04. Maximum Overdrive
Stephen King never directed a second film after his directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive, and that might have been a mistake. We all know King has a dense hatred for this film, but the truth is Maximum Overdrive succeeds in one of the most important realms: it’s a blast of a film. It may feel a little rough around the edges, but it is thoroughly entertaining, and it does warrant a view from anyone who a) loves killer car flicks and b) loves the work of Stephen King.

05. Jeepers Creepers
Okay, so this is a little bit of a cheat. Jeepers Creepers isn’t about a killer car. Rather, it’s about an ancient monster who feeds on human beings every 23 years. But the kicker is, he spends most of his time tracking his prey while riding in that mammoth tank so well fortified it could probably withstand a trek into a heated warzone. Yes, the Creepers truck is extremely important to the film, as Victor Salva turned that imposing vehicle into a character all its own.

06. Death Proof
Many will tell you that Death Proof isn’t a horror film. Don’t be afraid to tell them to fuck off, because this is definitely a horror film. Sure, it’s got a deep drama-driven narrative, but once Stuntman Mike decides carnage is on the menu the film shifts gears and powers toward something bleak, bloody and revenge soaked. There are some amazing moments in the film, and they aren’t all centered on Mike’s gorgeous ’70 Nova – or later his ’69 Charger – some of those moments are birthed by incredibly chilling character decisions. Did I mention that this one features the greatest car chase scene since Vanishing Point.

07. Joy Ride
Technically more of a psychopath flick than anything else, the primary tool used to generate damage in John Dahl’s awesome Joy Ride is a creepy big rig… driven by an even creepier truck driver. The story drops viewers on the road in a perilous situation after antagonizing a faceless trucker via CB radio. The tension builds quickly, and as that tension builds the truck truly does begin to take on a life all its own. Although Joy Ride has plenty of fans, it can still easily be considered an underrated picture.


08. The Hearse
Call me old school. Call me generous in praise. Just don’t call me dead, or this hearse may end up aligning its sights on me, and I’m just not ready to go quite yet. In all honesty, The Hearse is a little light on action, but what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in dread-filled atmosphere. If you’re going to spot a killer car flick that essentially morphs into – or at least juggles concepts – an effective ghost story, you simply cannot bypass George Bowers’ 1980 offering, The Hearse.

09. Road Kill
Road Kill isn’t the most refined film on this list, but it does make a valiant attempt at breaking the mold. A small handful of friends on a road trip (sounds familiar so far!) run into trouble when a rig does everything in its power to run these youngsters off the road. But once they resolve that on-road crisis, they quickly find themselves facing entirely new challenges, like that truck for example… that truck that sure seems to have a mind all its own.

10. The Car
James Brolin fronts this sometimes creepy, sometimes hokey story of a car that just can’t get enough of human hunting. Although the film hasn’t aged all too well there is a noticeable charm to appreciate, and the night shots, which often feel a bit too dark, add an atypical eeriness to the production. The Car is from what I’d deem a masterpiece, but alone at night, no lights on – there’s a chill that creeps from the screen, and we desensitized viewers should find a little reward in that.


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Want a LEGO Godzilla Set? Here’s Your Chance!



The longest-running franchises in cinema history, the Godzilla films have created a cultural icon in the form of the titular beast. Simply hearing its roar or seeing its silhouette is enough to let us know precisely what we’re looking at. Having ventured out of cinema and forayed into TV shows, comic books, video games, and countless merchandise options, Godzilla still hasn’t managed to break into one of the world’s most popular toy company: LEGO. However, that might change if BRICK_101 has their say via LEGO Ideas, where they submitted a design based on the 1954 original film!

Here’s the description from the site:
This model contains approximately 850 LEGO pieces, stands 9 inches (23 cm) tall, and measures 17 inches (44 cm) from head to tail. Godzilla has had many different designs over the years, but we based ours on the original 1954 movie. The arms, legs, jaw, and tail are hinged to allow the model to be posed in a variety of positions. In addition to Godzilla, the set also includes a small microscale train for Godzilla to stomp on or chomp on and a flame piece to represent Godzilla’s atomic breath.

The website allows people to submit their own ideas (such as this Call of Cthulhu set) and then allow the public to vote on whether or not they want to see it get made. Should the idea get 10,000 votes, it then gets moved up the ladder within LEGO’s headquarters and a decision is made to see if they want to make an official set.

So, if you want to see LEGO make an official Godzilla set, click on the link above and cast your vote!


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#Brainwaves Episode 78 Guest Announcement: Legendary Film Composer Harry Manfredini



The Friday the 13th franchise without the music of Harry Manfredini would be like peanut butter without jelly. McDonalds without the Big Mac. Knetter without Creepy. His music defined a generation of horror fans, and few could have done it better, if at all. Now Manfredini brings his equally as unique voice to Brainwaves Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio.

Join us this coming Wednesday, February 21st, at 8:00PM PT/11:00PM ET for all the shenanigans fit to be had!

It’s radio without a safety net, kids. It’s Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio.


Listen to Stitcher

Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is available to subscribe to on iTunes and Stitcher.

Spooky, funny, touching, honest, offensive, and at times completely random, Brainwaves airs live every Wednesday evening beginning at 8:00 PM Pacific Time (11:00 midnight Eastern Time) and runs about 3 hours per episode.

Knetter and Creepy will be taking your calls LIVE and unscreened via Skype, so let your freak flags fly! Feel free to add BrainWavesTalk to your Skype account so you can reach us, or call in from a landline or cellphone – 858 480 7789. The duo also take questions via Twitter; you can reach us at @BrainwavesRadio or @UncleCreepy, @JoeKnetter, or @MrDarkDC using the hashtag #BrainWaves. You can also check us out on our Brainwaves Discord channel!

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Brainwaves: Horror and Paranormal Talk Radio is hosted live (with shows to be archived as they progress) right here on Dread Central. You can tune in and listen via the FREE TuneIn Radio app or listen to TuneIn right through the website!

For more information and to listen live independent of TuneIn, visit the Deep Talk Radio Network website, “like” Deep Talk Radio on Facebook, and follow Deep Talk Radio on Twitter. And don’t forget to subscribe to Brainwaves on iTunes.


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Supernatural Irish Horror Beyond the Woods Hits Home Video and VOD This February



Supernatural Irish horror Beyond the Woods makes its way to DVD and VOD from Left Films!

Shot on location in Ireland, Beyond the Woods echoes the creepy supernatural horror of recent Irish genre hits The Hallow and The Canal, with its eerie and grisly tale of an unknown evil.

Seven friends meet up in the Irish countryside for a secluded weekend getaway but unfortunately for them a fiery sinkhole has opened up in the mountains nearby. It’s burning hot, spewing out sulphur and casting a hellish stench over the local area. Determined to make the most of the weekend, the group decide not to let the noxious atmosphere get to them…but it’s getting worse. Soon the troubling hallucinations begin as an ancient evil starts to take hold. What malevolent force has crawled from the sinkhole and will any of them survive the weekend?

Following a successful run on the festival circuit where it picked up the Best Feature Film Award at the World International Film Festival Montreal in 2017, Seán Breathnach’s spine-chilling low budget nightmare finally makes its way to UK and North American DVD and VOD courtesy of Left Films.

On digital/VOD February 5th, DVD February 19th.



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