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Ranking the 10 Greatest Killer Car Flicks



It’s hard to maintain control of a ton or two of metal while cruising down the highway. Now imagine that hefty beast with a steering wheel taking on a life all its own. Sounds even more terrifying, right? Well, it is terrifying, and we’ve got a look at 10 films that will more than prove that to you. From old to new, here are the greatest killer car flicks in existence!

The Car

01. Christine
A tale of a possessed car that transforms one nerdy, introverted chap into a hatred fueled bag of bones, Christine was nothing short masterful. Some, in fact, may argue that this is John Carpenter’s final truly great film. While I do enjoy the bulk of Carpenter’s work, Christine is indeed a top three film (behind only The Thing and Halloween, with The Fog trailing not too far behind.


02. Duel
Duel can be classified as a thriller and no one will complain. But the idea of road rage gone epically far is a disturbing thing to contemplate. It’s also scary. This lengthy game of cat and mouse gradually escalates into very dark territory, and between Steven Spielberg’s tremendous direction and the award worthy performance from the perfectly cast Dennis Weaver, it’s hard to find anything but taut brilliance within the picture. Duel isn’t just a great pic, it’s one of the greatest made-for-television pieces history has produced.

03. The Hitcher
Again, cars aren’t necessarily the primary focus of this terrifyingly morbid character study. The story sees two youngsters on a long distance journey. They encounter a hitchhiker, but he’s not exactly a nice guy. In fact, he’s basically the reason this movie falls on this particular list, as he uses automobiles as one staggeringly brutal means of torture and murder. If you’ve skipped this classic, look into it – it’s a suprb film with a jaw-dropping performance from the amazing Rutger Hauer.

04. Maximum Overdrive
Stephen King never directed a second film after his directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive, and that might have been a mistake. We all know King has a dense hatred for this film, but the truth is Maximum Overdrive succeeds in one of the most important realms: it’s a blast of a film. It may feel a little rough around the edges, but it is thoroughly entertaining, and it does warrant a view from anyone who a) loves killer car flicks and b) loves the work of Stephen King.

05. Jeepers Creepers
Okay, so this is a little bit of a cheat. Jeepers Creepers isn’t about a killer car. Rather, it’s about an ancient monster who feeds on human beings every 23 years. But the kicker is, he spends most of his time tracking his prey while riding in that mammoth tank so well fortified it could probably withstand a trek into a heated warzone. Yes, the Creepers truck is extremely important to the film, as Victor Salva turned that imposing vehicle into a character all its own.

06. Death Proof
Many will tell you that Death Proof isn’t a horror film. Don’t be afraid to tell them to fuck off, because this is definitely a horror film. Sure, it’s got a deep drama-driven narrative, but once Stuntman Mike decides carnage is on the menu the film shifts gears and powers toward something bleak, bloody and revenge soaked. There are some amazing moments in the film, and they aren’t all centered on Mike’s gorgeous ’70 Nova – or later his ’69 Charger – some of those moments are birthed by incredibly chilling character decisions. Did I mention that this one features the greatest car chase scene since Vanishing Point.

07. Joy Ride
Technically more of a psychopath flick than anything else, the primary tool used to generate damage in John Dahl’s awesome Joy Ride is a creepy big rig… driven by an even creepier truck driver. The story drops viewers on the road in a perilous situation after antagonizing a faceless trucker via CB radio. The tension builds quickly, and as that tension builds the truck truly does begin to take on a life all its own. Although Joy Ride has plenty of fans, it can still easily be considered an underrated picture.


08. The Hearse
Call me old school. Call me generous in praise. Just don’t call me dead, or this hearse may end up aligning its sights on me, and I’m just not ready to go quite yet. In all honesty, The Hearse is a little light on action, but what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in dread-filled atmosphere. If you’re going to spot a killer car flick that essentially morphs into – or at least juggles concepts – an effective ghost story, you simply cannot bypass George Bowers’ 1980 offering, The Hearse.

09. Road Kill
Road Kill isn’t the most refined film on this list, but it does make a valiant attempt at breaking the mold. A small handful of friends on a road trip (sounds familiar so far!) run into trouble when a rig does everything in its power to run these youngsters off the road. But once they resolve that on-road crisis, they quickly find themselves facing entirely new challenges, like that truck for example… that truck that sure seems to have a mind all its own.

10. The Car
James Brolin fronts this sometimes creepy, sometimes hokey story of a car that just can’t get enough of human hunting. Although the film hasn’t aged all too well there is a noticeable charm to appreciate, and the night shots, which often feel a bit too dark, add an atypical eeriness to the production. The Car is from what I’d deem a masterpiece, but alone at night, no lights on – there’s a chill that creeps from the screen, and we desensitized viewers should find a little reward in that.

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Syfy Renews Z Nation for a 5th Season; Season 4 Finale Airs Tonight!



Syfy’s popular zombie series “Z Nation” just keeps shambling on, and tonight the two-episode Season 4 finale, “Mt. Weather/The Black Rainbow,” airs. If you’re a fan of the show, we have good news for you… it’s not over yet as David Latt of The Asylum has announced on Twitter the pickup of “Z Nation” for a 5th season! So you can expect lots more adventures with the gang in 2018.

Below is the official word from David along with a brief synopsis of what’s ahead tonight in the finale, which kicks off at 9/8c.


In the mind-bending two-hour Season 4 finale, Warren and the team must stop Zona from launching operation Black Rainbow, which will cleanse the landscape of both zombies and humans. In Part 2 the secret of Warren’s Black Rainbow dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination. The cast includes Kellita Smith as Roberta Warren, Keith Allan as Murphy, Russell Hodgkinson as Doc, Nat Zang as 10K, Gracie Gillam as Sgt. Lilley, DJ Qualls as Citizen Z, Ramona Young as Kaya, Justin Torrence as President Donald Trump, Michael Berryman as The Founder, Micheal Daks as Mr. Sunshine, Anastasia Baranova as Addy, Sydney Viengluang as Sun Mei, Joseph Gatt as The Man, and Natalie Jongjaroenlarp as Red.

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First Look at Chris Alexander’s Space Vampire



Who says all vampires have to be all extra-broody or sparkly or take up residence in Transylvania? Certainly not indie filmmaker Chris Alexander, who has just unveiled the first images and posters for his latest foray into film, Space Vampire!

The movie stars Ali Chappell as a beautiful female alien parasite who falls to earth with an intent to drain women of their life forces. As if women don’t have enough problems in this day and age!

Alexander wrote, directed, edited, filmed, and even provided the score for this intergalactic terror tale. Talk about a jack of all trades, eh?

Enough talk! Dig in!

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Rob Zombie Narrates Charles Manson’s Last Words to a Wider Audience



Charles Manson. The name alone lives on in infamy even long after his physical remains lay rotting… and rightly so. A new docudrama entitled Charles Manson: The Final Words is on its way, and we have new details and behind-the-scenes imagery for you. Check it out!

The flick made its premiere on the REELZ Channel, and Breakthrough Entertainment has announced that they’ve acquired worldwide distribution rights to the project that features narration from Rob Zombie and is home to the final interview given by America’s most notorious and now deceased cult-leader and mass murderer, Charles Manson.

The opportunity that we have to offer this distinct and truly unique documentary to our international clients is beyond exciting for Breakthrough Entertainment,” said Craig McGillivray, Vice President, Distribution at Breakthrough Entertainment. “We are continuously focused on sourcing captivating new premium content that pushes the envelope and generates mass attention such as this amazing film from James Buddy Day and Pyramid Productions.

The two-hour film narrated by musician Zombie focuses on the so-called Manson family murders told from Manson’s perspective using never-before-seen case files, pictures, and exclusive interviews with Manson himself from inside California State Prison. The feature documentary reveals new details that unveil the true story and motives behind the grisly murder spree. The audio used in the doc contains the last recorded interviews with the infamous killer conducted by director and producer James Buddy Day.

It has been a truly distinct project for us and an experience that very few producers encounter. This film has the potential to captivate global audiences, and we are very excited to have Breakthrough Entertainment on board to share this one-of-a-kind documentary,” says James Buddy Day, Executive Producer at Pyramid Productions.

Look for more on this one soon!

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