Nudist of the Living Dead Brings Out the Zombie Naughtiness

We’ve sure had a lot of crazily titles zombie films over the years, but I never thought that we’d be seeing Nudist of the Living Dead, no sir!

It’s about a college dropout named Frances, who is caught with his pants down in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Literally. Forget being a hero; all Frances needs to do is find some goddamn clothes in a world where the dead have risen. So yeah, this is a very naughty zombie film.

Producer Nicholas Korokidas is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, so head over there to see a whole new side to the zombie genre. A side that’s usually covered up.

Nudist of the Living Dead, or Nudist, is a comedic farce about a young man named Frances. Frances is a college dropout who lives with his quite intrusive mother. One day as he is taking care of himself, he is surprised that his mother has barged in yet again. He is further surprised to find that she is one of the first of many to be victims of the zombie apocalypse. Being frightened out of the house in nothing but his shocked expression, Frances is faced with a horrifying scenario.

Along the way we will meet a few other faces that we shall reveal to everyone soon. For now this is all I will say without giving too much away. Rest assured that there is comedy and horror abound.

We are looking to gain your patronage to help this production with some of the more bare essentials that go into creating a horror film. Yet! Don’t get us wrong, we cannot reach our goals without those essentials. Meaning! We cannot do it without you!

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