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Selfie Horror Film Pseudo Man Launches Crowdfunding Campaign



Disclaimer: I cringe whenever I hear the word “selfie.” It immediately brings to mind vapid, self-absorbed teenagers who frequently pay more attention to themselves than everything else that’s happening in the world. I realize this makes me sound like an old man who is one cane away from telling brats to say out of my yard, but I can’t deny the truth.

Independent filmmaker Ariel Zengotita is taking selfie craze and giving it a horrific spin with Pseudo Man, a short film currently in pre-production. And while the film is set within the world of social media, Zengotita intends to avoid any sort of digital effects while producing the flick. Instead, he’s shooting the whole thing on 16mm and using practical effects to bring his tale to life.

I think it’s about time for a synopsis, don’t you?

Mark Anderson, a self-absorbed hermit, spends all of his time browsing Echo (a social network). His friends all post beautiful pictures of themselves, constantly reminding Mark of his inferiority to them. Meanwhile, the otherworldly employees of Echo are creating replicants of users based on their profile information and sending them out to “replace” them.

If you like to contribute to Pseudo Man, then all you need to do is take a trip to the flick’s Kickstarter campaign. They’ll be more than happy to take your cash.

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