Lauren Cho: Where Is She And What Happened To Her? [Video]

With Lauren Cho's remains just being found, we're still asking what exactly happened to her. We look at the evidence on Dread: The Unsolved.

Lauren Cho

This week, DREAD: The Unsolved looks at a recent missing person case. Lauren Cho disappeared in June when she walked away from her friend and into the desert. Human remains, found near where she disappeared earlier this month, were identified as Cho’s just today. But we’re still wondering what exactly happened to her.

Watch this week’s episode of Dread: The Unsolved about Lauren Cho

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Those with information about the search for Cho can contact Detective Edward Hernandez or Sergeant Justin Giles, Specialized Investigations Division, at (909) 387-3589. You can also send an anonymous tip through the We-Tip hotline at 800-78-CRIME (27463) or